Puppy Baby Teeth Extraction- what to expect?

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Barked: Fri Aug 28, '09 4:01pm PST 
Hi Dogsters, Jasper has some pesky baby teeth that are hanging on- 2 of them I think. Both are on top. The vet wants to wait a week (since he just came off of prednisone) to do the extraction. What should we expect during and after the procedure? Any tips or experiences you would like to share?

I was also very happy to hear PetPlan will cover the cost as it is not listed as a prior condition in any other medical records we had before our enrollment for insurance. happy dance

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Barked: Fri Aug 28, '09 4:24pm PST 

Lilith had 4 teeth pulled (one molar, 2 upper canines and one front incisor). I don't think there's any after care. I couldn't even really see where they'd be pulled, to tell you the truth.. shock
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Barked: Fri Aug 28, '09 4:39pm PST 
Hey there Jasper, extracting retained pup teeth is fairly easy depending on how "cemented" there are up against the adult teeth. We usually try to extract them when we spay or neuter the dogs this way they only have to be under anesthesia once. Some breeds have more of a problem with retained teeth due to the size of their mouths. Since your pup is young is should be cut and dry, alittle time under anesthesia and he should be fine. His gums may be a little sensitive but for the most part you won't even be able to tell he had it done. You can ask the vet for something to help with any pain he may have and there are some good dental rinses make for pets that can help the mouth feel better.
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Barked: Fri Aug 28, '09 6:24pm PST 
Hey Everybody- thanks so much for the info. When I heard Jasper would be at the vet's from 9-4:30 I was a little freaked cry

He will be going in for his appointment in 2 weeks.

We tried tug o'war and bones to extract the teeth naturally, to no avail.

Jasper was neutered at the animal shelter at 4 months (a little early) and I think the shelter probably hoped he would loose all his teeth naturally. I think the two that are hanging on are premolars.

Thanks for easing my nerves wave
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Barked: Fri Aug 28, '09 8:01pm PST 
Bama had to get one pulled that broke in half....there was nothing to it. He acted as if nothing happened.

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Barked: Fri Aug 28, '09 8:05pm PST 
When Lizzie was a puppy 2 teeth on each side of her top row were coming in completely crooked, they were completely crossing over each other. So when she was spayed they just removed them then. She was completely fineway to go

Barked: Fri Aug 28, '09 11:07pm PST 
Pulling baby teeth isn't as bad as it sounds. You will just go to sleep for a little while, and when you wake up your mouth might be a little sore. In a few days, you should start to feel much better - better than you did before you had the teeth pulled! I should know; the vet had to pull two of my teeth that were cracked. Mommy thinks it was from chewing on the shelter cage bars when I was in a Wyoming animal shelter. My mouth feels much better now that my bad teeth are gone. However, I don't like to eat frozen food like some of my canine brothers and sisters do, as it feels too cold on my gums. You likely wont have this problem, as they are just baby teeth and you will get your adult teeth soon!

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Barked: Fri Aug 28, '09 11:15pm PST 
Luna had a puppy tooth that had to be pulled because it just wouldn't come out for nothing. I took her to the vet in the morning and picked her up by noon. She was groggy for the rest of the day. She mostly slept. By the next morning she was totally normal.

I hope this doesn't gross anyone out, but I saved Luna's baby teeth that I found when they fell out. I forgot to ask the vet to save the tooth he pulled so he threw it away. The tooth I paid to get out is in the trash BOL!

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Barked: Fri Aug 28, '09 11:22pm PST 
I would also like to add that your mommy can give you some boswellia for the pain, instead of those nasty drugs that most vets give. Bone meal can be added to your food to strengthen your teeth and jaw after the extraction, too. A lot of times after a tooth extraction, the jaw becomes a bit weaker. Bone meal can be found at a lot of health food stores and some pet stores. If your mommy feeds raw bones, its a good idea to start with the bone meal before adding hard bones back into your diet; just to make sure your teeth and jaw are strong! Mommy also swears by feverfew and vitamin c for pain control. I was also given liquidambar after my spay, and it helped very much!

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Barked: Sat Aug 29, '09 7:27pm PST 
I didnt want to eat crunchy food for a couple days after getting my baby teeth pulled. Then, late at night Mom heard me crunching the hard food in my Kong.. I thought Mom was asleep! So no more soft food for me.. red face
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