Boxer - hip problems

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Barked: Mon Aug 10, '09 1:55pm PST 
I have a ten year old boxer who, over the last couple of months, has been having great trouble walking. She shows no signs of pain, but her back legs seem to be very weak, she often does the splits, her back legs give out, can't go up and down stairs well, and will sometimes collapse while trying to go pee, etc. We have not brought her to the vet yet - just trying to see if there are any over-the-counter remedies we might be able to try. Has anyone encountered this? Or have any advice? Thanks!

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Barked: Mon Aug 10, '09 3:05pm PST 
Hi Bailey,
So sorry to hear about ur hip problems :o(

Both of my grandpa's boxers started having hip problems at the same age. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do besides going to the vet so they can see if its bone troubles or nerve troubles (my grandpas old boxer would drag his back paw on the ground and it was nerve problems) they will tell you what to take to make him more comfortable, he should not be allowed up and down stairs if his legs are giving out. no matter what ur dog is telling you he is in pain. boxers are tough they are very stoic and do not admit pain very well so its best not to wait to take him to the vet.

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Barked: Mon Aug 10, '09 3:44pm PST 
Thanks Santana! I think you're right - a trip to the vet is certainly in order. Just wanted to see if anyone had encountered the same thing. It's so hard to see her get like this and it has happenned so fast!


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Barked: Mon Aug 10, '09 4:40pm PST 
Hey Bailey. Depending on what your vet tells you is going on, there are some things you can do to help strengthen a little bit. Unfortunately, because of your age things are only going to help so much. I don't know if you are close to these guys or not, but they might be able to help.


Also T Touch or pretty much any canine massage helps some.

Santana is right on not doing any stairs and such. Over doing it is bad, and anyplace that you might lose balance due to pain (stairs, rock hopping, that kinda stuff)

Let us know what your vet says is going on, maybe we can be of more help.