Trupanion vs. Petplan

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Barked: Wed Jun 24, '09 2:01pm PST 
Can anyone recommend either of these two pet insurance companies?

We had petcare for Ruben. They were great, but we really could have used a higher cap on the illness category...they only covered about half the cost of Ruben's cancer treatments. Whe I got the policy I didn't really comprehend how high the vet bills could be and thought 3K was pretty good at the time.

Anyways, I am now researching which insurance company to use for Veruka and have narrowed it down to these two. I def. want a policy with high liimits that covers congenital health problems like hip dysplasia. Veruka is only 10 weeks so she should qulify for the hip dysplasia coverage offered through Trupanion. I did a quick search before posting this and it seems like a lot of dogsters use petplan. Any recommendations?


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Barked: Wed Jun 24, '09 4:42pm PST 
Sorry I dont really know but I will research it and hep u
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Barked: Wed Jun 24, '09 4:45pm PST 
interested to see the responses...
i am also looking into insurance
for my frenchie.

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Barked: Wed Jun 24, '09 5:02pm PST 
Hiya Veruca what a cutie and absolutely love your name!smile

Looking to see the replies as well. Good luck and welcome sweetie. dog Your Angel Ruben is watching over you all.cloud 9

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Barked: Wed Jun 24, '09 5:36pm PST 
I have pet first if anyone can help me on if its good or not will appreciate
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Barked: Wed Jun 24, '09 5:59pm PST 
Just doing a comparison, I have petplan for both of mine, with a $200 deductible & 80% reimbursement. It's $25 a month.
I did a Trupanion quote & it was $29 a month with a $550 deductible, if I lowered it down to $200 it came out to $33 a month.
As for service/whatnot...haven't had to use it yet silenced

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Barked: Thu Jun 25, '09 11:07am PST 
HI, I have pet plan for both of my boxers, Boo is a year and layla is 2 1/2. Trupanion wasn't really going to cut it for us, since Layla was 2 when i got it.

for a year of coverage for both dogs, I pay $800. I just submitted a claim, so I don't know what they are going to reimburse me, it was all diagnostics for Boo, and nothing ended up being diagnosed!

I pay $100 deductible with 80% reimbursement per illness or injury though.

I do know that the customer service is wonderful, they are very friendly, and lots of people say that they recieve their reimbursement quickly.

Petplan covers a lot, all of which you can find on their website, and starting as a pup, she would be covered for anything that she develops if you never have a gap of time where she goes uncovered.

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Barked: Mon Jul 27, '09 7:59am PST 
I have Trupanion for my three pets and they have been really awesome so far. Did you look on the Trupanion website and click on compare pet insurance companies? They have a really useful chart that helped me when I was shopping around. As far as I can tell, both plans look pretty good, but Petplan premiums increase as your pet ages and you can choose a $0 deductible with Trupanion (which I did, that way I can claim for even the small stuff like ear infections without having to worry about a deductible being met). http://www.trupanionpetinsurance.com/why_choose_trupanion_pet_health _insurance/compare_pet_insurance_companies/petplan-comparison.aspx~b ~

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Barked: Mon Jul 27, '09 1:51pm PST 
trupanion is not available everywhere... for instance, i can not get it in North Dakota.... however i can get and do have Pet Plan... and have been very satisfied with it so far.

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Barked: Fri Jul 31, '09 12:24pm PST 
Hi Veruca' s Family,

I did some researching before I picked Pet Plan. I even talked to a breeder that recommended it. She has dealt with several companies and said that this was the best she had thus far. I took out the Gold plan for Merit when I adopted her a year ago. They have something like a two week waiting period. You need to submit all vet records so they can see if you have any past issues which they will not cover. They do not cover maintenance items like vacines,e tc. You select your deductible of $50, $100, etc, I split the choice and did the $100 deductible per incident and pay 10% of the remaining fee once the deductible is paid. For speciality like cancer etc. It is still $100 deductible and I pay 30%. Merit is currently being treated for a really nasty bladder infection which they were suspecting as bladder cancer. Her bills have totaled over $1000 between vet and internist. I am getting $75o back so far.
The nice thing about PetPlan that I like is that when it comes to renewing again for another year they do not take the prior year conditions and determine them as preconditions and no longer cover them like some plans do. They will continue to cover a condition such as cancer for as long as you are enrolled. My premium went up about $20.00 for this coming year. Merit just turned four. Good luck on your search. I would not be without insurance again. I had three dogs with cancer and one with diabetes, cataract removal and lens implants. I have spent $1ooo in treatment. My premium has already paid for itself in one year.

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