Pancreatitis in Beagle

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Barked: Tue Jun 23, '09 1:54pm PST 
I don't feel very witty at this point...as my Benny da Beagle has yet another appt. with the vet tomorrow a.m....and will probably need even more diagnostic testscry

Can anyone advise me as to what is going on? He was diagnosed with pancreatitis about 2 weeks ago, and spent about 10 days on a pumpkin/white rice diet. I was to slowly re-introduce him to his high quality low-fat kibble, and he started vomiting on the weekend...and today he is not eating any food at all!

The only thing he WILL eat is GRASS....I have never seen a dog eat that much grass! And he never throws it up, as they usually do. I know he is losing weight, and am sure he is dehydrated. The vet clinic, I know, is probably the best place for him, but so far the costs have been almost $800.00!

I took him for a walk today, and he was delighted to go......ignored the grass, snuffled the ground all the way around, and watered every post he came upon! I thought that would give him incentive to eat, but upon letting him go in the yard, he just went back to eating grass.

Have any of you dogsters ever had experience similar to this, and if so, what was the outcome?

While Benny is the author, this is actually coming from his extremely worried and sleepless mom!
Jessica CGC

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Barked: Tue Jun 23, '09 3:27pm PST 
I've (well my mom) has had dogs with pancreatitis before. What we always did was fast then put on a bland diet (plain cooked chicken boneless breast) If you offer Benny a little chicken will he vomit that? sometimes vets can give antienemic pills or a shot too.

Princess and the- Pea
Barked: Tue Jun 23, '09 3:30pm PST 
I am afraid he needs to go back to the vet's office. Sometimes the attack is acute and after the bland diet things go back to normal. Sometimes it is chronic and they need permanent changes in diet. Gio knows, maybe he will see this.


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Barked: Wed Jun 24, '09 7:45am PST 
Sometimes, the dog's digestive system needs a serious rest before reintroducing food so that the pancreas can get back to normal. For Roscoe's second bout of panceatitus, we first tried to immediately switch the diet without a fast to Hills i/d for a few days. He was OK until we reintroduced him to his old food, when his symptoms returned. When we returned a couple days later to the vet we found his enzyme levels were still climbing. The vet hospitalized him at the clinic for 24 hours on a fast with an IV for liquids and nutrition until his enzyme levels were back to normal. Once the levels were down, we took him home, slowly reintroduced him to a new, *low fat* (less than 10 percent fat) diet -- Wellness Core Reduced Fat, and he's been Ok since then. Too much fat can aggravate the pancreas.

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The Nose KNOWS!
Barked: Thu Jun 25, '09 2:17pm PST 
Thanks all, for your help! Let me fill you in on events since I last wrote!

Benny da Beagle did NOT make it to his regular vets appt. on Wed. morning.....as he got SO sick Tuesday aft. between 5 and 6 p.m. that I had to rush him to the nearest city (90 minutes away) to the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital!

He had been so weak, and in pain, stretching, restless, trembling...hadnt eaten anything all day, and had had very little water. I was sure he was not going to make it to the city. The on-duty vet even called me as I was driving to see how he was doing, and to prepare for his EMERGENCY arrival.....! I must admit that I did go a "tad" over speed limit....but this was an EMERGENCY!

Well, YUP...you guessed it! Got the $%&*(^% dog to the clinic....and sure nuff......he was miraculously cured as soon as he left the crate! Happy, happy, happy...jumping up on everyone, tail wagging, ATE THEIR TREATSred face and genuinely made a &*()^&$* fool out of ME! The first thing the kind vet said was "THIS is your sick beagle?"snoopy I was ready to give Benny to the first person who walked through the door!

Anyway, an intern plus the on-duty vet did a full exam on him, and of course COULD NOT FIND ANYTHING WRONG! So with the cost of the exam, plus a blood panel, plus the emerg. fee of $80.00, we left for home with some special dietary canned food, a lighter load (my wallet) and VERY high blood pressure (mine!)

Of course, I had to phone his regular vet the next morning and cancel the appointment he had....and tell them the embarassing story. Hmmmmmmmmm....I could hear the laughter all the way out here!

And yesterday, Benny was completely normal! Loved his new canned food, active, no pain and stretching! But guess what? Today is a NEW day....and he's back to eating grass and refusing his food! I think HE thinks he's gonna sucker me into giving him a nice car ride to the city to visit those nice people again tonight.........NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

I am at my wit's end with this dog! He now has to be walked on the flexi-lead, away from his yard, as that way he is distracted from the grass by all the new cat-trails to sniff.....occassionally he forgets about the tracking and "does his business" so I can drag him back home!naughty

I am beginning to think that I should have stuck to Cocker Spaniels! They have been far less trouble.....but then again, they are not quite as comical as BDB, the professional clown-in-a-dog-suit!blue dog

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Barked: Sat Jul 18, '09 5:59am PST 
This may be old news when you get it but for what it is worth. I'm a beagle mix and have had pancreatititis 3 times - twice in the last year & a half. The first time I was given IV fluids a strong antibiotic, and a bland diet (which mom added pumpkin too for fiber). Grass is my favorite when I'm nauseas and it is hit or miss with the vomiting after ingesting grass. Sometimes if I eat something from the sidewalk (trash) I need to make myself vomit and go to town on the grass then as well.

The most recent recurrence was just a few months ago - we did IV fluids and changed my food. Skipped the antibiotic this time. I made a full recovery in a few days.

Currently, I am doing very well and super healthy. As a preventative, mom gives me over the counter Pepcid 10mgs twice a day. Also, I take anti-nausea medication if mom thinks I look little punky. Hope you are feeling better.