Dog ate full tick

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Barked: Sun May 3, '09 9:40am PST 
I found my dog in his dog bed playing with something and noticed a little bit of blood and a dead tick. I'm assuming the tick filled up (it looked big), jumped off and my dog was playing it it (hence the blood on the bed). I'm not exactly sure if tick blood or anything is dangerous and that is more likely to spread disease? He just got Frontline 2 weeks ago but I may have to reapply if he is still getting ticks
Jessica CGC

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Barked: Sun May 3, '09 9:45am PST 
don't reapply, frontline doesn't repel ticks, it just kills ticks off in about 12 hours, which isn't enough time usually for diseases like lyme to transfer from tick to dog. Reapplying can be very dangerous.

If the dog ate the tick, his stomach acids i believe can kill off the disease bacteria (if any) that was in the tick. if the tick was large and brown, it was probably a dog or wood tick, and not a carrier of lyme disease.

Barked: Sun May 3, '09 9:51am PST 
I wasn't aware that Frontline doesn't repel just kills them off after some time. Thanks for the information and the quick response, I appreciate it smile


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Barked: Sun May 3, '09 10:07am PST 
acids in the stomach killed it. Don't worry.
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I'm finding a major problem with Frontline Plus NOT killing the ticks at all this year, not within 12-24 hours.. not at all.

It does not repel, either. Advantix repels ticks, but careful if you have a cat in your home. Cat's have severe adverse reactions to advantix.
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Barked: Sun May 3, '09 2:50pm PST 
Tsuki, my vet said that they have been having a TON of people returning their unused Frontline, as it seems the fleas and ticks are not responding to it as they should! My vet actually used the term "building an immunity."