Two parvo/distemper vaccinations in one day...REACTION!

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Shiloh Jewel

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Barked: Thu Apr 30, '09 10:18pm PST 
I've been to approximately two dozen veterinary clinics in our area. Since my regular veterinarian is located 45 minutes from my home, I occasionally use other clinics in a pinch. Most recently, I visited the nearby Banfield several times with dogs who needed only routine care. While we saw three different veterinarians, I noticed a disturbing trend. The veterinarians seem to rush through routine procedures to the point of being completely careless. Today was the worst visit of all and, as a result, I will never use their clinic again.

We took Shiloh in today for her annuals. After waiting in an exam room for approximately an hour and half, the tech came in to take her temperature and vitals. He then stated he would take her in the back for her heartworm test and vaccinations. We requested that they do the procedures in the exam room. When the veterinarian finally came in, it was clear she was out of the loop and in a hurry. Without even introducing herself, she asked the reason for our visit, which we had already detailed to both the receptionist and tech.

While administering the parvo/distemper vaccine, the vet looked away to read the computer screen and accidentally pulled the needle out, squirting some of the contents onto Shiloh's back. She then debated out loud whether or not she should administer another parvo/distemper vaccine. She ultimately decided it was necessary. So, Shiloh was given nearly two parvo/distemper vaccinations and a rabies vaccinations and off we went.

About an hour later, Shiloh's face ballooned up. By the time we arrived at the emergency vet, she was gasping for air and struggling to stand. They rushed her to the back where the veterinarian immediately began working on her. Her temperature was above 104 degrees. They gave her a steroid and an antihistamine, which fortunately quickly took affect. She is now home resting.

I am wondering, though, if the double dose the of parvo/distemper vaccine could have caused the reaction. She's never had a reaction to any vaccinations before. I did, as I always do, request the vaccinate that does not contain leptospirosis. So, I also wonder if they mistakenly gave her the combo vaccine with lepto. I really want to prevent her from going through this ever again.
Paxi- (adopted- 6-28-09)

Barked: Thu Apr 30, '09 10:31pm PST 
As I mentioned, there were other "mistakes" by this clinic's veterinarians. We took Pixel in for a parvo/distemper vaccination and bordetella vaccination. We confirmed with the receptionist, technician, and veterinarian which vaccines she was to receive. They administered two vaccinations and we proceeded to check out. The veterinarian then called us back in and explained they forgot to administer the bordetella vaccine. It was only after we left that we realized she received three vaccines. We weren't far from the clinic so we returned to inquire about this. After waiting approximately 45 minutes, we asked that they have the veterinarian contact us. When he finally did, he explained that the third vaccine was a rabies and admitted he should have been forthcoming about the mistake. Pixel could have suffered a reaction that we would have thought was caused by one of the two vaccines she was supposed to received. In addition, when we explained that she had very recently received a rabies vaccination, he simply stated she would be "extra protected" and assured us we weren't charged for the rabies vaccine. Needless to say, we did not thank him for this free gift.

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Barked: Fri May 1, '09 6:02am PST 
Was there a lepto in the vaccine they gave you? Bailey had that exact same reaction when they gave her the distemper with lepto in it. She no longer gets a lepto vaccine.

Shiloh Jewel

Did I do that?
Barked: Fri May 1, '09 10:25pm PST 
I requested the vaccine without lepto. However, I wonder if they mistakenly gave her the combo vaccine with lepto. Otherwise, I wonder if the receiving TWO parvo/distemper vaccines could have caused the reaction.

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Addy, CGC

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Barked: Sat May 2, '09 9:17am PST 
I think a double dose of the parvo/distemper COULD be the problem. Or it could be the lepto; it certainly seems like they are casual and careless enough to make that mistake, and the lepto vaccine has a relatively high rate of adverse reactions. My own vet is pretty adamant about separating the rabies and the lepto vaccines (lepto is recommended in our area) by at least two to three weeks, because they are the two most likely to cause problems, they are more likely to cause problems when give together like, that, and, if there IS a reaction, you want to know which vaccine caused it. A lot of reactions you can pre-treat for, if you know they've happened in the past, and avoid the problem while getting the vaccine. That's important if the reaction was to the rabies vaccine. If it's the lepto vaccine, you can weigh your risks and choose not to do the lepto again--but only if you know which vaccine was the problem.

You certainly have a right to know exactly what the Banfield vet actually injected. If it was just the double does of the right vaccine combo, for sure never go back there, but you don't have an ongoing problem.

If there was lepto in the vaccine, then you might have to be extra careful about not getting the lepto in the future. Or it might have been the double dose of lepto, or the lepto in combination with the rabies being given the same day...so many possibilities, but most of them are covered just by going to a vet who pays attention, and being adamant about your existing position of "no lepto."