Possible back injury of some kind... :(

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Lola CGC, TD

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Barked: Sun Mar 22, '09 1:16pm PST 
So this is how our Saturday went with Lola...

A nice day so we spent 2 hours at the dog park, she was running around, playing, nothing out of the ordinary (it has been a little while since our long outings due to the winter).

We get home, everything is fine. Me and my mom go out shopping and then I go to my friend's. Around 8:30 pm my mom calls saying I should come home because Lola isn't acting quite right.

I drove a 30 minute commute in 15 minutes -- no lie.

I get home my mom explains my dad played a little frisbee with her earlier in the evening and when he pet her back before she whimpered a little. Her back legs/behind literally vibrated when you put your hand on them.

She was panting a lot, and could not jump up onto the couch or bed as she does often without a problem. She was sitting on the floor upright looking so pathetic and when I called her to me she struggled and was hesitant to get up (not due to a lack of a solid recall I'll tell you that!) -- the poor thing looked so pathetic.

SO after observing this bizarre behavior and freaking out about needing back surgery or something (she walked around fine, it was the jumping up/getting up from a sedentary position that was the problem all of a sudden) I decided to take her to the Emergency vet clinic.

She couldn't even climb into the car as she had done numerous times earlier that day!

Her back end shook furiously when we got there, the vet said she definitely feels it as a back injury of some sort.. whether it is a mild sprain/muscle pull or something as serious as a herniated disc could only be proven by a $5,000 MRI.

Soo Lola got a cortisone shot and another shot for pain as well as some muscle relaxers to go home with. She was also given STRICT REST as part of her treatment. The vet said she is going to recommend I go the "worst case scenario" route and treat this as if it WAS a disc. 6-8 weeks of rest is what she is recommending..

I am going to play this by ear and follow up with my regular vet next week if she worsens or doesn't get better. She seemed a little better this morning, but that could be the meds, who knows?

She's barely 3 and I'd hate for her to be stuck not playing for so long especially when it's getting nicer out! cry

Anyone else have any issues with discs or long bodied dogs with back issues so early in life?

Thanks for listening, I know this was long!

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Do Lola's back toenails turn downward at all when she walks? Did the E-vet turn her foot down and see if it pops back into a correct position? Those are signs of a disk problem. Many Dogsters have had succesful outcomes with these kinds of things. I hope some of them talk to you today.

I went through the same thing with Moira in late January and another dog several years ago. Thank goodnesss Moira's paralysis was temporary and caused by my idiocy. I fed her Macadamia nuts. The foot tests were two of the ways her doctor checked, plus the Xrays and his hands on examination. Your doctor will probably Xray Lola tomorrow. It really is the only way to tell what is going on.

hug from Lily and Moira hug
Levi,- PAWS-My- Guardian- Angel

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Barked: Sun Mar 22, '09 1:59pm PST 
It sounds like Lola did hurt something in her back. My rear legs were paralyzed for a month a while back but we think it was due to a FCE, not a disk problem.
If the doctor says to let her rest- probably in a crate- do it. Dogs will push themselves and make their injuries worse.
You do NOT want to mess around with a back injury with a long bodied dog like a Corgi.
Hope Lola is feeling better soonhughughug

Lola CGC, TD

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Barked: Mon Mar 23, '09 7:20am PST 
Her feet definitely turn back when you try doing that, so it isn't that kind of an issue.

At this point I'm leaning more towards a strain of pulled muscle, as it is two days later and she is a little better. She isn't moping around as much and has more interest in her chewies again.

I'm still keeping her movements to a minimum -- no playing, I even had my twin mattress on the floor in the living room so we could lay on it LOL.

I'm going to play it by ear. If she doesn't continue to impove I am going to follow up with our regular vet and suggest Xrays.

Thanks everyone!

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Barked: Mon Mar 23, '09 7:56am PST 
When she heals, which I will hope she does soon.
Try stretching her legs even neck before and after exercising.
We have a couple of dogs in some clubs experiencing that. It's been a long winter with minium exercise.
I've been out all winter, even in two foot of snow, so far, lucky.hug

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Barked: Mon Mar 23, '09 8:17am PST 
hey lola, i'm so sorry to hear you hurt your back.
dodgerslist.com has all the information you need about back injuries.
when the vet says you must 'rest' that means no activity at all. you should be carried out to potty and kept in what dachshund owners jokingly refer to as 'crate jail'.
i think the dachshund's back injury forum here will help you immensely: http://www.dachsie.org/vbb/index.php?
these people know all the nuances of medication/dosages and holistic/alternative treatments and surgeries. the details are very important and you can read more about whether or not you need an immediate mri.
the good news is that if you do the crate rest and meds, your chances are excellent for a full recovery!
Delilah Ryan

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Barked: Mon Mar 23, '09 8:31am PST 
Nina's link is a great oneway to go We used it with Delilah (she hated crate jail). It's not uncommon for it to happen young. Delilah was 4 when it happened with her.

Hope you get better soon.

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Our 3 yr old Corgi, Buster, had a similar experience yesterday with a frisbee. He is a very active dog - hikes, runs the beach, loves to swim, play fetch/ball. We have just started training him to catch a frisbee. We've worked with him daily. However, as he improved - he began jumping in the air to catch it. At first, I thought this was so neat. Until on a few occasions, he would come down pretty hard on his back legs/twist a little in the air. Then, I wasn't sure if frisbee was the best sport for a Corgi. Despite this, I continued to play with him, b/c he seemed to be fine after the few spills here in there from his jumps. Yesterday, we were playing - and as always, he was running full force after the frisbee. There was NO jump this time, but all of a sudden he started whimpering, with a little limp, and seemed to be favoring one side of his back end. After the initial jolt of pain, he seemed to calm down some, though in feeling the inside of his thigh on the injured side, it was pulsating. We thought we'd see how he does overnight....He doesn't seem to be in pain, or at least isn't whimpering about it anymore. He definitely is not his active, excited self as he typically is in the mornings. He is ignoring a bone (which is also unlike him) - But, I figure, at this point, to just observe him today and limit his activity. (It's the weekend, so we wouldn't have access to our vet until Monday). Other than seeming a little careful and slow in his activity - it doesn't seem to be trembling anymore, he is eating, walking around fine, and being a ham b/c all the attention he is getting - I hope this heals with time, a little home therapy, and that it is a minor injury. But b/c it could be a more serious problem, in order to catch it early, I will take him to the vet next week to see what he suggests. I'll let you know if there is anything I can share, and if anyone has any suggestions for me, I would appreciate any advice. I just want Buster to be himself again - b/c he is a young, jolly, and active corgi. I do think we'll retire from frisbee and stick with the tennis ball from here on out.
Lola CGC, TD

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Barked: Sun Apr 19, '09 10:59am PST 
Buster you're like Lola's twin! BOL in every aspect, unfortunately, including this recent injury.

I pawmailed you just before all the info but I am reading your post now after rambling on in the pawmail, so I know the full story now not then haha..

The pulsating you mentioned definitely sounds like the way Lola's entire back end and back legs spasmed/pulsated/vibrated for the first night before she got the pain shot and the night she re-injured herself into the morning.

I'd definitely say the movement with which a corgi needs to catch a frisbee has a lot to do with their injuries. This leads me to believe my vet was correct in assuming it was just a sprain, as she is not paralyzed or anything, it's equivalent to bending your ankle in a weird way and spraining it that way. Or like a pulled muscle.

Lola had a hard time getting up on my bed a week after her second injury. She also was reluctant to take a simple step up onto the porch. I purchased doggy stairs for her to use to get on my bed and she is still using that today.

Sorry again for replying before reading the post, but keep me updated!

Lola is doing 200% better, btw!!
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Barked: Mon Apr 20, '09 4:49pm PST 
I have a "problem" back. It was x-rayed and it is a disk problem. Mom immediately gives me steroids, muscle-relaxants, pain meds and CRATE REST, when ever I start with any soreness. Mine is up toward my neck so my front leg shakes and HURTS really bad so I hold it straight out! Mom's friend is my vet and she told me the most important time to give me the steroids is immediately after I show any sign of pain in my leg. IF Mom can keep the swelling down with the steroids I may be able to avoid surgery. Mom's friend said the surgery is very bad for us long backed dogs, especially when it's close to the neck and the prognosis isn't that good for the surgery. So far it's been 3 years and it's only happened to me about three times since the first time. Mom keeps me crated for two weeks each time even though I am usually pretty good by the second day.
The vet told Mom that frisbee catching is a definite NO NO cuz it makes us twist our backs. She also said to keep me as lean as possible.
Good luck!