Bichon - itching, scratching

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Lady Chablis

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Barked: Sat Mar 21, '09 1:14pm PST 
Our Bichon is scratching a lot and we thought/heard of trying Fish Oil.
Does anyone have experience of this? successes or failures?
Many suggest allergies and diet change but that is not an option - she is on a strict anti-bladder stone diet.
All help greatly appreciated shrug

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We have a DAL that has allergies. I have tried so many foods it isn't funny. I do give her fish oil caps, but they alone have not helped. I didn't want her on prednisone, as it finally does damage to the kidney. The one and only thing that is helping her now is ATOPICA !
It is very expensive. You start out on one a day. after two weeks, one every other day. After the initial 4 weeks, we are down to trying two a week. So far, so good. But Allergy Season hasn't kicked in yet, so I can't say if she'll stay on this amount. She hardly ever scratches and is no longer pink and miserable. As I said , it is very expensive, she is on the 100mg. tablets...15 to a box...about $100.00. Being, that she is down to two a week, it's not nearly as expensive. We also figure it beats the vet bills constantly trying to find a solution. They do blood work every so often to see how the liver is doing. Good Luck ! Any questions, feel free to pmail me!
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My mother had to put her scottish terrier on Atopica b/c his skin was HORRIBLE. He was pulling the hair out and the skin got all leathery and flaky.
She opted for atopica and not allergy testing first bc the vet said with his condition being so bad that he was probably allergic to many things.
It was expensive at first but well worth it.......within a couple months he looked and felt like a new dog. Now he only has to take one pill every 11 days!!! So it doesn't cost her much money now!

My bulldog used to be itchy and we had to switch his food. The vet never suggested atopica for him since the itchies weren't horrible.


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Poor thing! Itchies and script food. There are several brands of prescription food out there. Maybe a different brand has a kidney stone formula with different ingredients. Sassy is on home made food for her kidney problem, that is another possibility. Hard work but very gratifying to see her do well on food I worked to make safe for her to eat.

First find out if fish oil is okay with her diet. I think it is but be certain.

Sassy has progressively gotten worse itchies over the year and I finally put her on steroids. She is now getting 1/2 a pill every two days and no itchies still. Definitely not good for her but she is more comfortable now.

In case it is environmental allergies I rinse her with warm water once a week or so. That doesn't remove any skin oils but helps with dirt. You wouldn't think it could help but she is less smelly after a rinse too.

There are a bunch of antihistamines dogs can take. NONE of them helped Sassy and I followed the vet's instructions to the letter. They help a lot of dogs though. Get the list and dosing from the vet and make sure he checks they are okay for KS dogs!
Lady Chablis

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Hi Sassy and Sassy"s mom or dad
I would be interested in your recipe for homemade food for Sassy, before we found out about Chablis problem I was making food for both my dogs but came to find out that she needs a low protein diet. Any help would be great, and thank you to everyone else for your valuable input

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The food you made probably wasn't the cause of the stones. Even if it was a change of ingredients could have worked as well as the script food. If you can figure out a diet that doesn't increase the possiblity of kidney stones AND maybe cut out whatever in the food is causing the itching wouldn't that be great. I was able to switch Sassy from chicken and rice to beef and pasta to check if that would help itchies without messing with the things that make her food treat her kidney disease. No luck by the way. Turns out she adores beef though!

There are a lot of different types of stones and each one has a different approach to eliminate them. Stones can have layers of different types of mineral. Some can be dealt with with the right diet, some cannot. Many dog breeds are liable to get particular types of stones.

This site has a lot of information on dog diets and health issues that can be helped with diet.

If you get all your lab results and join the K9KidenyDiet list on Yahoo you can find how to deal with those stones. The list is very intense as you can imagine.

This link searches several email lists, K9Nutrition is the one we are interested in.

Dogaware.com would not come up for me today. I use the information for Sassy's kidney disease but am not sure how much information is there on kidney stones. Look at the bottom of the page and follow links for more information.

Monica Segal is a pet nutritionist with a strong online presence. She has written a couple of books with dog diets, I have Optimal Nutrition. It has some specific information on kidney stones. She also has written a large number of booklets on different diet subjects.
monica segal

And last but certainly not least if you want to read about feeding raw food then just look down one forum and you are in a really terrific active community of raw feeders. Find out about the stones your pup has and how they must be handled before getting all excited about feeding raw food. Sassy COULD eat raw meat but not the bones or vegetables. Seems sort of complicated feeding a dog that way so she gets all cooked food. IF Max's calcium oxalate crystals in that stale urine had been stones he could eat raw meat but not bone either.