In grown dog whiskers???

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Ted (Teddy- Barren- Dorman)

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Barked: Fri Mar 13, '09 4:52am PST 
I keep finding ingrown whiskers (the thick censer one next to the nose) I have pulled, 6 so far. They are at least 1 1/2 inches long, all inside. I have to squeeze them (like a pimple) to have them start, All I see is a black dot in the middle of a swollen area. They come out with no resistance. They are infected and after I remove them, the puss come with. Like a pimple.
I started looking again, because He was getting face sensitive again (not wanting me to touch his face, moving his face away allot, walking away)
I just found 4 more late last night....
I pulled one and again it was 1 1/2 inches

Has anyone experienced this or knows of this?

I left three just in case someone thinks I should take him to the vets. These aren't really big bumps yet and not bad enough.. he will now let me kiss him again. for now..but will be if I let them go..

If I don't pull them. Like I did one of the times. I ask my husband to help, he told me to let in go it will fix itself.. It got bigger until it was so swollen I hardly touched it and it popped, and I could pull it out it and the whisker was 2 inches long cover with puss. He didn't like anyone touching his face the entire time so it did hurt!! (not wanting me to touch his face, moving his face away allot, walking away, and growling) as soon as I got it out he was fine.. I could kiss his face again...

Ted is a Giant Schnauzer, so I hold on to his beard allot when combing him and cleaning his face after he eats anything.

But I had mini and that's how I did with them and I never saw this beforeshrug

What is causing it? What can I do to prevent them?
Should I try to remove them or let them go?

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I am undeniably jealous... you are beautiful.

They are obviously infected if they have pus and I would think the best thing to do would be to remove them, but I've never dealt with this in a dog before... I'd try and post in the grooming forum and in your breed specific forum. Then maybe you'll get someone with experience with something like this...
Ted (Teddy- Barren- Dorman)

Nothing in Life- is Free
Barked: Sat Mar 14, '09 8:26am PST 
Thanks I will do that.


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Sunny gets folliculitis which is basically pimples that get big like a boil and have pus in them. She doesn't have ingrown hair, from what I can tell, she doesn't like me messing with the lumps. I tried keeping her face clean, washing the food dish frequently, etc and it didn't help.

Our vet gave us Malaseb pledgets, which are facial wipes. I don't know if that could in any way help you, but maybe. thinking