Corneal Ulcer Healing Time?

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Barked: Thu Feb 26, '09 12:57pm PST 
About 2 weeks ago, my Mommy noticed that my eye was looking cloudy, tearing and that I was itching it ALOT. We have such a good relationship now with the vet after all of my problems last year (knock wood that I'm ok now!), so he gave us Tobramycin drops thinking it's a corneal ulcer. We went in a week later b/c it was still pretty cloudy, and the other doc there said that she really couldn't see any ulcers with the stain test, but wasn't sure what was up b/c we had been treating it with the drops already for a week. She recommended we see an opthamologist to rule out glaucoma, even though her test for that came back within the right levels. The first appt we could get is next week. Has anyone had this before and how long did it take til you saw an improvement in the "cloudiness"? Other than this, I feel great (except for that darned itching...smile

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My Siberian had Corneal Dystrophy. It presented with a cloudy area that covered about 30% of each eye. I don't remember any itching. It never affected her vision - at least her near vision. It may have affected her far vision slightly. The doctor said it couldn't be that - it is rather rare. He decided she had run into a stick. Yeah, right - both eyes at the same time in the same place. When we returned for the follow up appointment, he had done his homework and decided I was right. I think it is usually found in Siberians and Airedales, but other dogs can get it. Hers never got any worse.

I would think that Lexie has an infection because of the itching and tearing. Good luck with the next doctor.
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Hey Lexiewave

I am a boy with eye issues. I have had them since I was a pup...and I am on 5 different drops including 1 you are on. I go through sprits of uclers...and when I get them I get them bad...and they hurt and all you want to do it rub your face...but donteekeek it will make it worse. The longest one I had took about 3 weeks to heal. Now if you are rubbing your face I think you might have dry eye. The last 3 months one of my eyes was going cloudy and my eye dogtor was at a loss, and I was sent to another eye dogtor and he told mom what to do...and the cloudiness to slowly going away. I would say to tell your mom to use celluvic, you can get them at the drug store and they are a thicker eye drop and they are in separate vials, they are ok for us, as I use them all the time. Ohh and my brother gets them cause when he rubs his face he irriates his eyes too, but no to the problem I have.

Hope this helps some. pmail us if you have any questions