Biopsy Results.. How long does it take?

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Barked: Mon Feb 16, '09 2:43pm PST 
So we had the lump removed 02/09. Assuming they sent it off the next day, should it be back by now? They were saying maybe Friday 02/13 ( didn't really want test results coming in on a Friday the 13th anyways !! ) and they weren't back. They weren't back today either. The vet tech checked the labs website and it still shows processing. Is this good, bad or neither shrug

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Our vet said 10-14 days and sometimes longer. We got ours back in 2! She said that is a record for results. Bailey is scratching too, mostly at the place under her armpit. Her stitches can come out this friday, I can't wait!

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Since the website says it's pending - it's good news seeing as how they didn't lose it which was my first concern.

The usually (if ever) take that long. My only thought is that there's a lot of dogs getting surgical procedures this month with a lot of clinics offering discounts on dentals (which includes anesthesia) for Dental Health Month - so they're getting a lot more in than usual as "extra add on" procedures to their dentals - so it's taking longer to process at that particular lab. I know we have had A TON! Probably 10x more biopsies sent in than usual!

I wouldn't be worried about the news being bad since it's taking longer or anything though.

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remember, if you are in the US, today is a holiday!

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I thought about the holiday thing too.

I called them about an hour and half ago. The vet was surprised they hadn't heard anything so they called the lab to check. They didn't say what the delay was but promised to have the results faxed to the vet within 2 hours. The vet tech promised to call me immediately.

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