my dog's anal gland ruptured!

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Angel Princess
Barked: Fri Jan 2, '09 8:00pm PST 
We were on vacation in Tennessee, when we noticed that harley's had a small, perfectly round puncture by her booty**. I was panicked because it was on new years in 1 am when we noticed it! (talk about perfect timing, right?)

We called the vet and she said that it sounded like and it could be the anal gland. Well.. we found an emergency clinic that was open.. an hour away from our cabin.. and took the drive.

She was diagnosed with a ruptured anal gland! I had completely no idea or experience with this sort of thing. The vet "expressed" it, cleaned it out, gave her a shot of antibiotics followed with oral antibiotics for the next week.

She is going in for her follow up visit with our regular vet tomorrow morning. We just returned home last night.

What am i expecting with this for the future?
Has anyone ever had this happen!!!!!
Sure was scary not knowing what to do or where to go when she had a hole in her body!!!!!

King Jackal- Jackson

Appreciate me- for the gift- that I am!
Barked: Sat Jan 3, '09 2:08am PST 
This has happened to Jack's little bro Braxton three times. Actually, two were abscessed anal glands and the third time ruptured. It's very important to have their anal glands cleaned regularly but sometimes that's not enough. Our (now former) veterinarian never offered any other preventive measures.

That's no way to start the new year. Poor lil Harley. Hopefully, she's feeling much better by now.

wishes, Jack & the gang
Theodore aka- Teddy - **CGC**

Big Head. Big- Heart.
Barked: Sat Jan 3, '09 8:15am PST 
Oh man! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. A previous dog of mine came in from outside and I noticed some blood. I picked up her tail, and voila, a gaping hole. We rushed her to the e-vet, and they said it was a ruptured anal sac. They actually said it is more common than you would think. It took some stitches and antibiotics, but she was good as new in a week or so. She never had any problems after that--however, we did make sure to express the anal sacs far more often than we had been. Good luck!!!!


Angel Princess
Barked: Sat Jan 3, '09 9:04am PST 
Thanks for the responses!

I know, what a way to start off the new year!! : (

She went in this morning for her follow up exam. The vet says she is healing nicely, but that I have to keep an eye on her.. I will have to actually pop the abscess for several days to keep it draining so that she will heal.. since it heals from the inside on out. (which I am freaking out because I have a queasy stomach).

She also had the other gland expressed.

My poor girl. She is so little and I just wish that she did not have to go through so much.
She is in good spirits, though, thank goodness.

Thanks again.

Barked: Sun Jan 4, '09 10:56am PST 
Sorry to hear that New Years was spoiled...My mom's dog had this problem some years ago and actually had both of his rupture within a month of eachtother...Didn't realize it was soo common...

Hope you are feeling better soon hug

Lick, lick, lick- I like to lick.
Barked: Sun Jan 4, '09 12:39pm PST 
Rosie has had this twice actually once many moons ago and then a second time last year at some point. Anyways its hard to tell with her only because she never does the regular bum scooting thing.

Angel Princess
Barked: Sun Jan 4, '09 1:31pm PST 

Harley had NO symptoms. I have RARELY almost never seen her scoot her butt.
The vet told me she will probably have to have her glands expressed regularly.

I sometimes cannot believe how much I actually love my dogs : )

I have fragile- psychi
Barked: Sat Jan 24, '09 10:13pm PST 
hi harley!!! what an awful thing to happen and i know how painful that is. it happened to me actually a week before christmas. my mommy didnt know until a few days later and i was facing the other way and my bum was all red & oozy. i wasnt scooting or crying in pain. my mommies took me to the vet and they shaved me back there drained my anal glands and put me on pain meds, and antibiotics to. now i have to have mine drained every month now. yech!!!!! i pray that it wont happen to you again and i will keep my paws crossed for you to. wave

Prince Charming
Barked: Mon Mar 2, '09 8:36am PST 
I just had to deal with this as well this past Saturday. My poor dog Squirt has been going to the vet every week for the past month. After the vet doing everything including x-rays, I am really surprised that they did not find this a month ago! They kept telling me that he "maybe" tore some tissue in his knee. He was very uncomfortable for the past month. There were days he didn't even want me to hold him. This really breaks my heart that he had to go through all of this when it could have been prevented a month ago. Either way, he is in good spirits now and I am so thankful that he is okay!
Keiko- (4/8/98-12/5- /12)

Queen fuddy- duddy
Barked: Mon Mar 2, '09 9:01am PST 
Keiko had this happen several years ago (I think 3 to be exact).

I probably would not have even noticed it (her butt is rather hairy) if I hadn't thought she had some poo on her rear. Went to wipe it off and saw it wasn't poo, but dried blood. And yes, she had a ruptured gland.

The vet told us she would have to be checked twice a year from now on to make sure no further problems. Was put on antibiotics for I think 2 wks and that was that. We did have her checked every 6 mo for 2 yrs but now I just have them check every so often b/c when we checked regularly she never had anything in there.

We did have another scare here this year where I thought it might be another rupture..........even though it didn't look to be quite in the same spot. Turns out she probably got poked by a stick/bush in the yard which caused an abrasion on her butt. Sheesh! laugh out loud
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