How can I get my dog to take medicine?

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Shunt Survivor
Barked: Thu Jan 1, '09 8:42pm PST 
Belle has had many problems since I got her and she has had many different medications. She was always bad about taking them so our vet said to just mix it with her food. She recently got some new meds. that stains badly and if we put it in her food her face turns yellow and it won't come off. Any ideas on how to get her to take it???? We need help!!!
Dutchess (In- Loving- Memory)

I\'m the boss!
Barked: Thu Jan 1, '09 9:16pm PST 
I had to get creative. Dutchess has been on meds all her life. She gets 1 pill 2 times a day plus a different pill once 3 times a week. & she hates taking meds. She'll actually spit them out.
Anyway, 'Pill Pockets' are great! You can buy them at pet stores. They come in 2 sizes. The pill goes inside & you pinch the end to close & give it to your dog. It covers the smell of the pill & comes in beef & chicken (I think) flavors.
Or I'll use leftovers to hide her pill in. She'll swallow it whole. I'm not talking a lot of leftovers, just enough to put the pill in. Mine is usually 1/4 tsp. of food. For the larger pill 1 tsp.
Mashed Potatoes, cottage cheese, a part of a cheese slice.
Hope this helps. It works great for us! & like I said, she swallows it whole. So hopefully Belle will swallow it whole too so you won't have any staining.
Good luck! dog
Dutchess (In- Loving- Memory)

I\'m the boss!
Barked: Thu Jan 1, '09 9:20pm PST 
Oh & if this is a liquid med ask your vet for a plastic syringe. Just the part that holds the liquid. This way you just fill with the med, open her mouth & squirt it in the back on the side.


Somewhere there- is something I- can eat..
Barked: Thu Jan 1, '09 11:46pm PST 
A syringe is great for liquids, just remember to hold her mouth closed so she can't spit it back out!

Also, I keep a jar of "doggy" peanut butter (labeled, so we don't eat it since we tend to let them lick the spoon and then dip it back in!laugh out loud ) If I dip a pill and coat it in peanut butter my pups will take just about any pill with no problem...

The Wise Cracker
Barked: Thu Jan 1, '09 11:55pm PST 
Growing up we always gave the pets their pills in some raw hamburger meat. I've done it with liquid too. It works!

Princess and the- Pea
Barked: Fri Jan 2, '09 1:00am PST 
I prefer to mix with food but that isn't working this time.

Try the spiked treat thing next. If he is suspicious then spike one and have several fake out treats. Feed a plain one and quickly feed the spiked one followed fast by another plain one. Maybe try the whole fast treat feeding thing first so he isn't suspicious and then spike one of the treats.

Peanut butter is great stuff, my dogs eat horrible medications if they get some peanut butter! The pill doesn't need to be disguised or anything, they lick it right up. I feed off a spoon as I hate getting peanut butter on my fingers but it would work better from your fingers I think. We have a dog peanut butter jar too. I try to only use a clean spoon but who knows, not worth the risk. Dog slobber, eek.
Cali "My- Best Girl"- 1992-2010

Honeypot- Redemption- Piece!
Barked: Fri Jan 2, '09 3:55am PST 
The peanut butter works great! Takes very little to coat the pill and Cali just swallows it whole!big laugh
Sanford- Hawley

Barked: Fri Jan 2, '09 4:55am PST 
Sanford doesnt like taking medicine either, He hides it in Jowls then spits it out. I wrap his capsules in a piece of Cheese. He swallows it whole, so it goes right down. (like Kraft cheese slices). His favorite food is cheese, so for him its easy to take.
Bella Jean- Shanti

peace & wags!
Barked: Fri Jan 2, '09 5:09am PST 
The only way I have gotten Bella to take pills is to make a cream cheese ball with the pill in the middle. It seems to just kind of slide down her throat.

Cookie Monster
Barked: Fri Jan 2, '09 5:52am PST 
Bingley will take any pill for me as long as it is in peanut butter. He won't even notice the pill is there.
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