idiopathic head tremors - bulldog

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does anyone have any information about idiopathic head tremors in young male bulldogs? We think he has this condition but are seeking more information. The symptom is seizure like - but happens with only the head having 'tremors'. This happens during sleep or close to a sleep state. Once he is fully awake the tremor stops. We have been feeding him vanilla ice cream - peaches and ricotta cheese in addition to his normal bulldog food, as some research shows sugar and/or calcium defeiciency - has anyone else experienced this with bulldogs? The vet put him on pheno but more research shows that this may not help.

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We're not experienced bulldog owners, as we've only ever had two, both of which have been healthy without any of these sorts of problems.

However you can maybe try http://www.bulldogsworld.com/headtremor.html

http://bulldogdomain .com/forum/index.php?action=search2 - a nice friendly forum for bulldog guardians where someone is bound to know more if you ask

In the back of my mind I recall reading of similar issues with bull terriers, where medication could make a real difference; I think it was in the book The Dog Who Loved Too Much by Nicholas Dodman.

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My 1 1/2 year old male bulldog had this happen twice in one day. I rushed him to the vet as I thought he was having a siezure...just head bobbing..I took him to a Neurologist just to be safe...nothing they could find. Medication will not help as they do not know what causes it...can be low blood sugar, ear infections, pulled muscle in the neck and so on.

After this one episode I had it has never happened again. I contacted the breeder where I got him and she said the same thing happened to one of her females...twice in one day then never again.


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My female Olde English Bulldogge has developed idiopathic head tremors. She is a year and 9 months old. We also thought at first that it was a seizure, but a neurologist informed us that this is a genetic issue linked to low levels of dopamine. They also told us that there is no treatment plan. They advised us that there is a drug that will help boost dopamine levels, but it hasn't been proven to work. We actually took video of our dog during one of her spells and it helped the neurologist diagnose the true issue. She is her normal self all day, but when it comes time to go to sleep she occasionally will start to shake. It is just her head and she is very alert. It was very disturbing at first, but now that we know what it is we feel much better.
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oh wow, i am not sure. good luck.

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My dog just started to do the tremors and head shaking seizure like
vet said not seizure low blood sugar. Anyone have any situation like this.?cloud 9

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My dog "YO" had head tremors. We rushed her to emergency to find out all test...and i mean all test were normal...we scheduled an MRI and before that took place, We did some internet research and decided to try some things our selves before the MRI took place. And we had her tested for a UTI, and that takes a few days to get the results back. Even though calcium levels and sugar levels were normal. We decided there might be a problem there based on what others were saying on the internet. We give her 1 cup of food in the morning and 1 in the evening, with a drizzle of honey and 3 big dollops of ricotta cheese. We got the results back and she had a UTI. We added her medicine for the UTI in with her food along with the honey and ricotta cheese concoction for 2 weeks and her head tremors stopped. She hasnt had a head tremor in 3 months now(4/2/12) I hope this information is helpful for someone else. STAY AWAY FROM PHENOBARB ...BAD NEWS..humans dont take this drug any more for good reason

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Phenobarb is still used as a third resort to human seizures - with the safer benzodiazipines being first line treatment, followed by phenytoin.

It is an effective drug - the only problem is that it has very narrow therupeutic index (easy to overdose). It should be used with caution but by no means has been discontinued! Plenty of people around the world still use it.

Hope you find out what's wrong with your bulldog, OP.
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Dylan has been on phenobarb for 5 years. he is epileptic.
as long as you watch the liver levels, there is nothing wrong with using it.he is on a very low dose now. he has been seizure free almost 4 years