Ear Infection due to food allergy?

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Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 9:33am PST 
About two months ago I switched Taser from CN Lamb and Rice over to Innova Turkey Evo because we believed he'd become allergic. But after about two months he developed an ear infection. Taser is about 4 years old and has always had perfect ears. Now he has a nasty infection, dirty ears, red, inflammed, at the beginning of the infection it looked like their was welts in his ear.

I switched him over to CN Herring and Sweet Potato and his ear started to clear up then went to my mom's for Christmas. I keep food there for him but forgot I only had EVO. I figured he'd live for 2 days, but feeding him Evo the ear flared up again. Back on the CN Herring and Sweet Potato the ear seems to be settling again. So I think I've done the right thing.

Just wondering what an allergy ear infection has looked like in your dogs. Taser is dirty and slimy. Kind of like a yeast infection but not as bad. At first there was welts (like hives) in his ears but they seem to be gone and they are only red now up near the opening. Deeper they are returning to normal color but are a little brown looking and appear slimy. I have been cleaning with cotton balls and rubbing alcohol. Taser won't let me clean them with vinegar, only with rubbing alcohol.

Any comments appreciated accept those chastising me for using rubbing alcohol for cleaning his ears.
Miss Priss

little one
Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 10:54am PST 
Hi - I guess your kid was allergic to meats???? Innova Evo is an excellent food but not for your kid...
Now, I love to go the" natural route" if possible... But, in your case I think your dog needs to see a Vet ASAP for antibiotic treatment.
Sounds like a serious ear infection that will need antibiotics.

No probiotic or vitamin will help him at the point.

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Sanford- Hawley

Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 1:31pm PST 
I Agree with Miss Priss, get him to vet as soon as you can. will most likely need antibiotics to clear it up. Sanford has had ear infections too. His Are due to moisture and humidity. (living in florida) I have to clean and check his ears every couple of days.


wiggle- wiggle- bum!!
Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 3:37pm PST 
when it is cleared up, use 1 part apple cider vinegar to 4 parts water tp clean the ears weekly or so... it really helps on my westies.

The Wise Cracker
Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 4:39pm PST 
Have you tried Evo Red Meat or Orijen 6 Fish? Maybe it's the poultry that's buggin' him.

Sorry to hear about the ear problem. hug
Jackson Q

scratch me and- I'm yours
Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 5:31pm PST 
Hi there:
Jackson was a pound dog and suffered from ear infections due to lamb and rice for the first year that I had him. Nobody could figure it out until one of my friends happened to read it on a forum.

His ears would get full of black slime and they would be red and irritated. He would scratch them and whimper. Also, anytime I tried to treat him with any of the cleaning implements, he acted like I was trying to kill him... Thankfully, a simple food change ended these infections instantly.

He is now 11 and I have changed over to home-cooked food entirely It seems to make a huge difference in his digestion and energy level.

Take care
Ellie CGC

Ellie - more cookies,- please
Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 6:29pm PST 
Ellie got ear infections -- horrible, red, crusty, oozing inner ears -- when I tried to upgrade her diet. That'll teach me for trying to be a good mom! Anyway, the vet recommended Zymox with hydrocortisone for her ears to help clear up the infection and it worked like a charm. Zymox is derived from natural milk proteins. You can also buy a version without hydrocortisone but for short-term use I think the one with hydrocortisone works best. If for some reason you do not want to see a vet, you can buy Zymox from Amazon or other online suppliers, just google it. One important thing is that you should not use any other ear treatments while using Zymox, as they will basically neutralize it and it won't work.
Just so y'all know, I am not in any way affiliated with Zymox - just a pleased buyer!

Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 6:40pm PST 
Yes, food allergies can lead to irritated ears which can then lead to infections.
Heidi- (2002-2009)

I am the- Princess....bow- to me.
Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 7:58pm PST 
We just recently both got ear infections. We were eating the Nutro Natural Choice and after what she read about the changes in the processing of the food she switched us. Now our ears are great!

You should go to the Vet to get some antibiotics to make sure you get the whole infection. After cleaning them they might look fine but without anitbiotics the infection will keep coming back.

Barked: Wed Dec 31, '08 8:41am PST 
I have food allergies as well, and was on a prescription food until it went up to $90 for a 30lb bag...which for a Dane can get pretty expensive pretty fast. We changed to what the Vet was going to be carrying as a replacement to the prescription and his allergies acted up again. After doing some more research into allergies and a friend who also has similar problems, we found out that some dogs produce too much yeast and that causes a lot of the licking/ear infections, etc. We're in the process of switching over to Blue Buffalo Lamb & Brown Rice formula. It has no chicken, by-products, wheat, gluten or soy....and it contains probiotics, which helps to keep levels of bateria in check. Plus, it helps to break down carbs, which is a big cause of yeast production. Undigested carbs can ferment which produces yeast (and gas....) so the probiotics help break down the carbs too. I'm doing really well on it, not licking, less gassy, eating better...all that good stuff. You might check into food that is not only good for food allergies, but will also help to reduce the yeast production in your dog.
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