response from Dogswell about treats made in China

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Willy Moo

Pimpin ain't- easy
Barked: Mon Dec 29, '08 9:11am PST 
I got a very speedy response to the email i sent to Dogswell about their Happy Hips treats.

basically someone posted a chicken jerky treats advisory on another message board and i looked at my bag of treats and found out that Happy Hips were Made in China much to my dismay (They are NOT mentioned in the advisor).

so i emailed them asking how they could assure me their products were safe.

i know alot of you expressed that the only thing they could say that would make you feel better was that they would no longer make treats in China but for those of you interested in their response here it is. he also sent me a picture of some chickens (???? not entire sure why other than maybe to see they werent covered in filth) and some sort of test results read out. the test results are in a pdf so i cant post them but basically it listed 8 million different chemicals that were searched for and everything came back negative. if anyone would like to ask about a particular chemical or if they would like me to send it to them just let me know.

Thank You for contacting us here at DOGSWELL®. I just wanted to reassure you that there is nothing to worry about. In no way are we affected or involved with this FDA warning.

The DOGSWELL® manufacturing facilities meet the highest and most strict sanitary conditions. All of our plants have HACCP programs, have received high scores by independent Third Party auditors, have strict raw ingredient standards and continuously check our products during processing and when they are finished to ensure they meet our high quality standards. Our wet food for dogs, our dry food for dogs and our biscuits are manufactured in the U.S. and our treats are manufactured in China . We regularly visit our manufacturing facilities to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

We don't determine our source country for ingredients based solely on the country of origin; we find the best quality ingredient combined with the highest quality supplier and testing specifications and select them. You can be confident that DOGSWELL® products are natural, high-quality and provide the best for your pet.

Please know we certify that our products are safe and clean with regular testing and ensure that our products meet high quality standards. We test product from each batch that is produced and have never had our results come back positive for ANY harmful ingredients such as cyanuric acid, melamine, e.coli and salmonella. Moreover, please note that no DOGSWELL® product contains milk powder.

We regularly test our products for any harmful contaminants and to ensure that they meet our quality standards. Along with an in-depth knowledge of our supply chain, our regular tests assure our customers that we are providing their pets with only the very best ingredients. Tests are conducted at independent, third-party, U.S. laboratories that follow FDA and APPMA-approved methodology. Please see attached for an example of test results for our treats; I have attached one of our HAPPY HIPS® products that were tested recently.

Our material suppliers are certified clean and clear of any contaminants. If raw ingredients do not meet their specifications and pass safety tests, then the ingredient is rejected immediately and never enters our processing facilities. Moreover, we strive to use products from suppliers that treat their animals humanely. Please see attached for an image of our chickens in their barn.

Please know that we honestly believe that pets are family too and we feed our products to our own pets regularly. Again, we test product from each batch that is produced and have never had our results come back positive for ANY harmful ingredients.
♥- Smokey- ♥

I Want A Butt- Rub!
Barked: Mon Dec 29, '08 9:15am PST 
I hate to sound negative but ... in big business companies will say anything to get the consumer to purchase their products! Made in China ... I won't buy it for my pets!
Spuds "The- Angel Potato- Head"

Thinking of my- pal Troop!!
Barked: Mon Dec 29, '08 9:21am PST 
I still would not use their products.

Stuff from China has been recalled for many reasons. Kids toys with lead paint, chicken jerky with salmonella, infant formula, eggs,....... A lot of the additives were done to make the product look, or seem to be on the up and up, but is later found to have issues.

Again, I make my own jerky so I don't have to worry about it.


Amen. Bow Wow.- Says it all.
Barked: Mon Dec 29, '08 9:25am PST 
disapointing isn't it.. I have always looked at the products thinking i would like to try them.. but Made in China is a big turnoff for me. for pet or person.
Bella &- Schumi

Partners in- Crime
Barked: Mon Dec 29, '08 9:28am PST 
I no longer buy stuff made in China. I'm sorry, but that is my decision for both me and my pets.

Good luck!

if you hide, I- will find you!
Barked: Mon Dec 29, '08 9:30am PST 
not only childrens toys, dog toys mahe in china have tested very hi for lean in the ink. tennis balls with paw prints were 3 times a "afe" level
a dear dogster friend has been sick for a few months.
because of a cheap, botched spay she had to have a kidney removed, she only has one and her human thought it was failing as she was warned might happen. then she found out that a treat that had been safe was being made in china recently!
we have our paws crossed it was caught in time and the damagge can be reversed.

I wouldnt risk my pups health with anything made in china.
too many times corprate has said things were safe.
just ask a coal miner

I solemnly swear- that I am up to- no good
Barked: Mon Dec 29, '08 5:46pm PST 
I agree with the previous posters. Too many things have been recalled from China that have been proven deadly or extremely harmful to our pets and children. It's too risky. Why not make the chicken jerky in USA like the rest of their products?thinking

*Retrieva Diva!*
Barked: Mon Dec 29, '08 6:17pm PST 
I agree with the pp's.

If its made in China, I'm not taking any risks. I've been looking everything over that I buy for Nallah and anything she gets as gifts. She got a TON of gifts this year from family members, and I kindly kept the stuff I didn't want to feed her in a nice little bag and threw it out after they left!!

Support our- Soldiers!!!
Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 12:10am PST 
Hmm, it sounds like nothing more than rehearsed PRconfused I just make sure nothing I buy the dogs is made in China. It is a bit harder, as many toys are from there, but I figure it is well worth it to keep the dogs safe.
Willy Moo

Pimpin ain't- easy
Barked: Tue Dec 30, '08 5:31am PST 
Nallah its funny you mentioned Xmas gifts and throwing them out when everyone was gone.
i must have a reputation in my family as a hippy cause my aunt gave me a green rubber ducky saying she was trying to "be more green like me" and the people who got Willy dog treats got him all natural treats!! i made sure they were all made in the US too! we lucked out!

however my mom did buy my guinea pigs some yogurt drops which although they say they are for piggies you really shouldnt feed them to pigs, since they are lactose intolerant. i smiled and then put them aside to throw out later laugh out loud
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