Infection bewteen toes, how to stop her licking?!?

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Every year when the snow comes Laila starts licking ther paws and gets an infection bewteen her toes. The first winter it had progressed up to her lymph node in her leg and she had to go on antibiotics. She had trouble bending her hind leg to sit, that's when I checked between her toes and noticed and took her to the vet.

Now I put Panalog cream on it, there is no pus yet, it's just just red and sensitive to touch. I have to watch her constantly, so she doesn't lick it (that's what keeps the infection going, the constant licking).

An e-collar (elizabethan) doens't work, she sticks her paw right in it and into her mouth. I tried to put her paw in a cotton sock, but it keeps coming off. I keep her busy with walks and Kongs to chew, but I need idea as to how to keep her from licking please (especially when I am deep asleep, I cannot hear her licking to stop her).


ps She wears her booties but eventually sometimes she doeasn't because we go to the dog park and they fall off in the snow. So eventually her feet will get wet from snow. Is it the salt that she licks? She doesn't ever lick like that in the summer / fall when she is wet from the rain.

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Jasmine recently had an infection between her toes, too! We're not sure what the cause is, just an ambiguous "allergy". She would only lick one foot, not all of them, which I thought was strange.

Anyway, I got some Chlorahexadine from the vet and would soak her paw in that, then rinse it with water (so that if she did lick, she wouldn't lick the Chlorahex), dry it off to the best of my ability, put one of my cotton socks on her foot/leg and wrap the top with a bit of vet wrap to prevent it from falling off (it stuck nicely in the beginning, but towards the end they would start slipping -- it might have been because I was using a different style of sock). The vets sort of frowned on the sock because they said it wouldn't allow her foot to dry, but the socks breathe so well and they weren't tight, and I would dry her foot well beforehand. Everytime I'd take off the sock her foot would be dry. After about a week she finally stopped licking.
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It might be from the salt. Salt is supposed to be bad for their feet. Maybe washing and drying her feet after she comes inside will help with the infection issue. As for the licking, I don't know. We put a sock on Bella and taped it kind of tightly around her ankle when she broke her nail. That is the only thing I know to suggest besides being constantly vigilant.


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Thanks Jasmine and Bella!
I am waiting for an order of Dog Shoe booties, so that I can keep away from the salt. But we do go to the park so eventually we'll have to come home boot-less...
I am putting a loose cotton sock on it, and watching her, if she tries to bite at it I tell her ha-ha and as soon as she stops I praise and give her a treat. Jasmine you're right as sson as it is actually healed, she will leave it alone. She wants to lick it bcause it's "sick". But the vet told me that her tongue scrapes all the new cells trying to grow and heal it, and that's why it stays raw.
Thanks girls.
Here are the boots I am getting:


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The sock works good with my dogs but I suggest you drop by the vets and ask for a roll of vet wrap to wrap over the sock instead of tape. This way you won't have to worry about it being to tight and cutting off circulation. Major veins and arteries depending on which legs your talking of. Vet wrap is the stretchy wrap that comes in all the different colors. My vet is always willing to give me a roll for free for such reasons as you are mentioning and usually wrap the first time too.
Best suggestion I can offer you.
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what about wrapping her paws in gause? Just a thought dont know if it would work or not. Then you could put the booties or socks over that.
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Have you tried putting roll on antiperspirant on it? Our vet suggested using it to stop licking, and it does work... it dries out their mouth.

Powdered alum can help, too. Mom uses it on mouth ulcers when she had braces... it works fast, but YUCK!! GAG!!!silenced
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I work with a Lab who does that. Their vet says it's seasonal allergies. She's chewed herself up so badly she's needed surgery to remove the infected and dead tissue. I think a lot of it is habit now, too.

When Vance ripped his nail off, I used these. They were a few dollars at Petco, and way easier than a sock - They aren't so big and baggy, and they have an elastic strap. They breathe well because the material is cheap fleece, and they absorb Bitter Apple quite well too. They are machine washable. They'll be destroyed if you let her wear them all the time, but it might be an option for night time. Whenever we were home, I'd clean off his foot and glob triple antibiotic on the wound, and put one on. It wasn't perfect, but it worked a lot better than anything else I tried.