Pomeranians ears suddenly flopped forward???

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Paris Chanel

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Barked: Wed Dec 10, '08 3:11pm PST 
My pomeranian puppy has always had her ears up and pointy..then one day we noticed she had one ear flopped forward and the other still straight up..now a few days later they are both flopped forward..

could this be a sign of something bad or is this normal? she's eating fine and playing..seems healthy..

advice? knowledge? HELP?
Snowfoot Cricket

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Barked: Wed Dec 10, '08 3:51pm PST 
Most dogs with prick ears, like Poms and huskies and such can go through a whole range of ears up and ears down in the first year-
Check inside the ear to make sure she didn't injure it somehow- the skin would be red and inflamed, or there could be broken blood vessels. If there isn't any sign of injury I think she will be fine. You are awful cute, BTW!

Sun God!
Barked: Wed Dec 10, '08 4:04pm PST 
Same thing happens with Westies.. Now correct me if Im wrong Pom owners but in Westies when they go through the teething stage it weakens the cartligde in the ear thereby causing them to flop. Westie breeders who show their dogs will trim the hair on the ears and sometimes go as far as taping the ears using tampons and surgical tape. You might want to contact your breeder to see what he/she has to say about it.

You have got to be one of the CUTEST Poms I've seen;.. like a little teddy bear.. adorable!big grin

Paris Chanel

I'm crazyyy like- a hippo!!!
Barked: Wed Dec 10, '08 7:14pm PST 
Awww, thanks! We've done some research and are teething so things are probably just fine :] ears have been checked and look great! We'll make sure to ask the dr. at our next visit thoughto be sure!

Copee Copes
Barked: Wed Dec 10, '08 10:53pm PST 
My papillon has gone through the ears up and ears down stage. I also have heard that teeth can affect the cartalidge in the ears. I can say that the ears SHOULD go back up again. Expect the ears to go up and down several times before they "set" and stay erect once your pup nears adulthood.

Barked: Thu Dec 11, '08 8:50am PST 
My cousin Paris is also a Pom and I remember when she was about 3-4 months, one of her ears flopped down. The breeder told her mommy that its probably due to teething, and also to trim the hair on the ear flap so it wont be so heavy. After doing so, eventually her ears went back up.
Chasity Coco

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Hi, Im New At This Site But I Was Hoping Some One Could Help Me With A Big Question Iv Been Having About My Lil Chassy...I Was Told That She Is A Pear Bread Pomeranian, But I Didnt Get Any AKC Or CKC Paper Work With Her So All I Have To Go On Is What The Breader Told Me. But Any Ways Shes Going On 3Months Old Here On The 15th And Her Ears Are Flopped Over I Got Here On The 28th Of September This Year And Iv Never Seen Her Ears Purk Up Like A Poms Should. Is She Still To Young To Have Them Purked Up?? Also Iv Had Many People Tell Me She Cant Be A Pear Bread Pomeranian Because Of Her Color. Dark Chocolate Brown With Some White On Her Chest And A Lil On All 4 Of Her Paws...So I Guess My Question Is Will I Ever Know If She Is A Pear Bread Pomeranian Or Is There Just No Telling Without The Paper Work?

Thank You From
Jennifer & Chassy
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Pear bread Pom? Sounds tasty! laugh out loud

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