Anyone know anything about Skin Eze??

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After my last post about allergies I began doing some research online for anything to help Ricky's itching! I found some capsules called Skin-Eze and they sound wonderful, however, I am very skeptical! I found some other forums about the product that have said that it is a miracle pill and began working for their dog in only days. Then I found others that weren't so sure about it. Does anyone on here know anything about this product and if it is worth my time? Thanks guys!!

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I have just ordered Skin-Eze and will let you know what I think of it. I have included a brief history about my dog and the other treatments that I have tried.

Haylee is 5 years old and has been plagued with Skin problems since she was a puppy. She suffers from severe Food and Environmental Allergies. Haylee constantly scratches and bites at her skin to the point where she draws blood. Because she chews and scratches she also develops Secondary Bacterial Skin conditions which add to the itching/scratching..

We had our Vet send in Haylee's blood to a company called SPOT out of Arizona. They did a full blood analysis and have concluded that Haylee is allergic to 27 items. It was quite expensive (approx $1500 CAD) but well worth the money since we know what triggers her reactions.
We were told that "Hills Z/D Ultra" would be the best Hypo Allergenic dog food that we could give her and she has been on it for 3 years now.

Wheat, poultry, Dairy, Soy, grass, weeds, dust mites, carpet, cats, feathers, Tomato Pomace (It's in most dog foods/treats), are just a few of the items that she is allergic to.

After the blood work was done we tried giving Haylee Allergy shots to build up a tolerance to the above listed items. We were not happy with the results for the following reason:

1. Haylee took allergy shots for almost 1 year...She looked dreadful and did not seem to be developing an immunity.
2. The needles had to be given once per week.
3. We still had to give her predisone and Panalog Creme (cortison) to relieve her symptoms.

We finally determined that the injections weren't working and searched for another remedy.

We were then informed about the drug "Atopica". We were told that it worked very well and did not cause any side effects to her liver/kidneys.

Atopica is also expensive. The price of the pills is determined by the weight of your pet.
Haylee is only 19lbs and the pills cost approx $130 per month. So imagine the cost if you had a bigger dog!!

Haylee did experience some relief with Atopica. However, we had her liver enzymes tested prior to the treatment and then 6 months after and our Vet concluded that Atopica was causing her liver damage. We felt lied to and stopped the treatment immediately.

Just last week I took Haylee to a Holistic Vet. She performed Accupuncture and suggested some natural herbs for Haylee to take since we have pretty much exhausted all "Medical" remedies.

I started searching the internet yesterday and found many people raving about "Skin-Eze". It states that it is made of all-natural herbs and causing no side effects. So I thought what do I have to lose right?

So although this post might seem "long-winded". I just wanted you to know a little about Haylee and hence a little bit about me at the same time. I adore Haylee and her safety/care is my top priority. I have spent about 6 hours searching the internet and I haven't found any negative comments about the product yet. I plan on contacting the Holistic Vet with the ingredients list prior to giving them to Haylee...So I will let you know what I think shortly..

Take care.

Haylee's Mom

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I tried Skin Eze, but gave up on it after a month or two. However, the instructions DID say to increase the dosage if the initial dosage didn't work, and I did NOT do that. I had Joey on a fairly low dose, and maybe it would have worked if I had used more. I really don't know. I was desperate, as you probably are, in my quest to find something that works. For the past month I've been trying a diet change, Tavist, salmon oil, and twice-weekly oatmeal foot baths. It is helping (he licks less), but isn't a fast, certain cure. I don't honestly know if I'd recommend Skin-Eze.......

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Just put my 8 year old Chow/Lab mix on Skineze. After years of trying and failing to help her seasonal itching and biting, this product worked in the first 30days and she is 75% better. I am increasing the dose. She only has allergies over winter months for some reason.

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Hi, all. I know this is an old post, but I certainly read it when I was investigating Skin-eze.
After a year, here's what I found to stop my senior dog aussie mix from itching (p.s. tried steroids, pills, and almost every topical spray and shampoo I could find, also changed to high-end grain free food):
- Once a week, wash dog with Skin-Eze herbal shampoo. Leave on 5 minutes.
- Follow up with HappyTails "Fur Butter" conditioner. Leave on 10 minutes.
- Rinse with cold-warm water, towel dry.

This has helped him greatly! Not perfect but MUCH better.

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I am now very curious about this product and very tempted to try but just wondering if Ricky and Haiylee ever tried it and what their outcome was.
I have tried everything under the sun from vet prescribed steroids, omega 3 pills, numerous shampoos and lastly glycerin yet nothing is helping.
I want my boy to be happy again and have the great and beautiful brindle hair he used to have. So can anyone tell me, does this work?

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Skin-eze has worked great for my Lab mix who was shedding, itching & getting bald on her underside. Skin had a redness that did not go away even with the prescribed Benadril & oatmeal shampoos. Skin-eze helped all these symptoms & her tummy started getting fuzzy again. My son discontinued the Skin-eze while I was away for 10 weeks caregiving for my parents. All the symptoms came back even though he had continued the Benadril 2x a day. My dog has been back on Skin-eze, 6 capsules 1-2x a day(we get busy & forget)for 2months now & I am seeing great results again. just re-ordered. It works if u follow the instructions. I still give her the Benadril for now & an occasional oatmeal shampoo.