"very slightly elevated" kidney enzymes

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Barked: Mon Oct 6, '08 5:40pm PST 
This morning Harley has his yearly check up and vaccinations. Partially due to his age (5 yrs), partially due to the fact that I'm paranoid as hell, and partially due to wanting to make sure he is eating the right food (Wellness Core Ocean Formula), I had his liver and kidneys checked along with all the normal stuff. Most of his test were perfect, but there are 3 that are slightly elevated. His Albumin was 4.6 (normal is 2.5 - 4.4), the BUN was 27 (normal is 7 - 25), and his Creatnine was 1.6 (normal is .3 to 1.4). If the tests aren't perfect, I don't like them.

Now, I did goof this morning and feed him so the tests were not fasting, and may not be accurate. This summer I didn't know not to feed Hershey before her senior exam and some of her enzymes (creatnine was one of them) came back a little high. The next morning, I took her back without feeding her first, and had the test redone. All the enzymes dropped to well within the normal level, and the creatnine dropped a whole point.

So, our plan is this....
Wednesday, when they go back to daycare, I'm not going to feed him (but will take his food for when the tests are finished) and am going to get his blood drawn first thing. If the tests don't all come back perfect, we will then have the urine pc ratio test done to double check kidney function.

If they still come back even slightly elevated, we will then switch his food to something lower protein. The doctors (talked to both P and Dill) also said that elevated enzymes can be caused by slight dehydration from him not drinking enough. I can believe this. He doesn't drink a lot of water, he never has been a big water drinker. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get my boy to drink more?

I am glad we did these tests. His daddy is a dialysis nurse, and so he know a lot about kidneys. He is certain that the results are skewed because he ate first. I don't know enough about it to be anything other than worried. I am glad that, if there is a problem, it's "borderline" and has not done any damage yet and is something that we can fix easily "simply" by changing his food. Now, to find another food he can eat with his allergies in case we need to change the boy's food.

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To get more water into my girl I mix her kibble with a little water. Also, you could make some homemade (watery) broth with no salt added and give everyone some of that everyday.

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Thunder's came back slightly elavated at last visit. I was pretty sure that it was caused by dehydration as I didn't remember her drinking much that day. We did a urine sample and a recheck of the blood and all came back normal. Try not to worryuntil you get it rechecked and do try to get him to drink some water prior to the test.

eta: try putting a little pedialyte in there for flavor to see if that will entice him to drink.

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