boiling orange peels for fleas?

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Gracie Vegas

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Barked: Sat Sep 27, '08 9:18pm PST 
Yes, another flea post! I looked through several, but all I really saw was information about how the products like Frontline work.

Ok, so we have fleas. Not many, but even one is enough to aggravate me. Amos has sores from scratching and I'm ready to punch someone at the vet's office in the face, but I'll get to that soon enough.

We've been eating a mixture of Solid Gold, dry, wet and tripe, along with Fromm's and we've been using Frontline Plus. Well, two weeks ago we switched to a holistic vet and a raw diet. We had our last treatment with FP about that time and about a week ago I noticed fleas and we've never had this problem before so I called the old vet and this chick who answered says, 'Yeah, Frontline isn't so good for fleas. We use Advantage. But you have to wait another two weeks." See why I wanted to smack someone? They use Advantage? These are the same people who told me only Frontline would work a month ago so I was a lot angrier than I've been in a very long time, but it made me start looking for natural treatments. We're going back to the holistic vet for our two week check up and I'm picking up some DE there, but it's over an hour away so I'm looking for something that will work until then.

So I found this:

"Chop orange, grapefruit or other citrus skins or cut them into small pieces, then place in a pan of water. Simmer 15 minutes. Cool thoroughly. Pour into the animal's fur and cover the skin thoroughly. Pay special attention to areas that are hard for the pet to reach. All other forms of citrus also work but oranges seem to work best. This treatment is effective for skin rashes caused by flea bites. Commercial citrus products are also available."

Has anyone tried this with good results? Tomorrow is carved out for bath day and 'try to find all the fleas day' so if there's anything anyone can tell me about this or about anything else that will help until we get the DE on Wednesday, I'd really love to hear it. Also, would the diet switch have anything to do with it? I know it's worked wonders on Gracie's allergies, but was the commercial diet keeping fleas away? I was thinking the Frontline was always lousy and maybe something they were eating was helping control these pests? We're still on one meat source, a few supplements, and vegetables until Wednesday then we will start adding more. For those of you who do raw, do you add something to the food for flea control? I've heard garlic, apple cider vinegar, and brewer's yeast, but I honestly have no idea so any help on any of this would be very much appreciated.


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Barked: Sat Sep 27, '08 10:53pm PST 
I have done this....not in a few years, though. And I think I used lemon peels...I honestly can't remember how well it worked.

One thing that did improve both dry skin and itchiness and repels fleas for a few days is to put a coupla tablespoons of Avon Skin-so-Soft in a gallon of the final rinse water of the bath. The original stuff, not the crazy kind with "Picardin" or whateve it is called, just the original bath oil.

I think that the citrus peels release limonene when they are boiled...but you have to be careful, because even though it is a natural repellent, too much can be as toxic as flea chemicals...

I totally understand your frustration though....we have had such a bad year for fleas here, and Adlai has a flea allergy. We haven't even been making it a month with the Advantage.
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Barked: Sat Sep 27, '08 10:57pm PST 
Many oils from plants are good at deterring fleas. They are normally boiled in water (like the orange recipe that you posted) and then brought down to room/warm bath temp and poured over the dog. I have never used orange, but I believe it would work (citrus is said to work). But these rinses don't normally get rid of existing fleas, but it can't hurt to use (you never know, it may make the buggies that are there want to leave).

I have been using a lavender rinse lately because Maggie is itchy and lavender helps with the itchiness.

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Barked: Sun Sep 28, '08 5:14am PST 
The SSS bath stuff works well. I have used it for my horse mixed with vinegar.

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My sister doesn't use flea stuff, and feeds her dog raw... She's fine. Never had a flea. Maybe you could suppliment with garlic in the food? Not too much, of course. And I think I remember seeing something about an herb mixture for killing fleas... Don't remember which herbs, guess that doesn't help.

I'm not sure about the orange peels, though. Maybe you could give your holistic vet a call?
Gracie Vegas

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Barked: Mon Sep 29, '08 9:47am PST 
Thanks so much, you guys! I'm definitely going to try the Skin So Soft next time we have a bath. We see the holistic vet again Wednesday and I have called about a zillion times so I'm trying not to aggravate him into banning us from the place! I already have my notebook about what to ask. But you guys are great. This is why Dogster rocks.

Oh, and just in case anyone is wondering? We had a bath and then we did the orange rinse. It worked on two and didn't work on two. It's very strange, but O and Gracie are flea free, I've only found one on Pixie and Amos is about the same. My poor baby boy.
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I have tried every thing the vet has recommended.I suffer from flea allergies too. Just got this stuff called Results and hope it works. I have also heard that mint extract mixed with water will kill the fleas as well. We keep fighting the battle and have not won yet. Fleas are so abundant this year in my area. If anyone can find a sure thing let me know.thinking
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Teddy, if the herb mixture you're referring to is Halo, it doesn't work - at least, it didn't work for me. And, I smelled funny! Had to go roll around in some dirt to get that smell away! Mom has tried every herb she can think of - the orange stuff, citronella, cedarwood, you name it. None of it has helped. We're trying a raw diet now. I've only been on complete raw for a week, but I still have the itchies. Good luck with the holistic vet and if you get some good advice, please share!

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Gracie Vegas

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Barked: Sat Oct 4, '08 7:21pm PST 
I hope everyone has been able to find something that works! We went to see the vet on Wednesday and everybody got a Capstar then treated with an herbal flea powder that has diatomaceous earth and so far, so good here. I also ordered a flea spray from Spot Organics, but we don't have it yet. I'm hoping to switch between that and the DE since the powder seems like it'd be really drying after a while.

Our vet also told us that as far as Frontline goes, the spray works better than the once a month, but I'm not going to bother with it again. Pixie was scheduled to be spayed on Monday and her liver count came back elevated in the pre-op blood work so I'm avoiding any and all chemicals. She's scheduled for a full liver panel on the 17th and until then her world is going to be as natural and organic as I can make it.

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Barked: Sun Oct 5, '08 9:17am PST 
You can also boil whole lemons cut in half!