Bordetella Vaccine

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Okay guys I'm going to level with you...This is Zack and Sasha's mom and I'm only back for one reason and one reason only. I feel that some of you would be most knowledgeable in this issue.

We are boarding both Zack and Sasha for 10 days.

At the vets office they told us not to worry about getting the vaccine they would do it the day of. But everything I've read the last few days states that it needs to be done atleast 7 to 10 days in advance so it can start working. Especially in a dog that has never had it. Such as Sasha Well we leave thursday.

So I called their office and the soonest they can get us in to give it to her is Tuesday (2 days before boarding)

Now Zack had his last november and they said he doesn't need his and will be fine. But thats awful close how can I be sure that he is protected.

I'm really upset about this and don't know what to do. They seem reluctant to go ahead and give Zack his again (even though its a month early and they would then be on the same schedule) and Sasha who has never been vaccinated against it to wait until the last minute. I feel kind of betrayed.

What should I do. All I keep thinking is if they give the vaccine the day of boarding that increases the likely hood of dogs getting sick.

I'm concerned.

By the way Zack is 13 months old and Sasha is 9 months old

Like I said I need advice and guidance, if we could just forget the past even just for a minute I would greatly appreciate it.

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I get the Bordetella vaccine each and every year with my annual shots and I still got kennel cough when I was last boarded!

Look at it this way...it is the same sort of thing as the human flu shot. It need at least 2 weeks to become effective (the immune system needs time to "fight it" and build up immunities to it) and it only covers the most "popular" viruses around....not all strains are covered in the shot so the pup can still get sick from a stain not covered but exposed to!

Ideally....it should be given several weeks prior to boarding....it is not going to do any good getting it the day before......BUT....if your dog did get the vaccine last November....getting the shot now will not hurt to continue immunity in the months to come! Last Novembers shot may or may not still help out.shrug

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I work at a daycare/boarding facility and we require all vaccinations to be done 72 hours prior to staying with us. Each facility is different so check with the place they will be boarding at. I always like to see people vaccinate at least 7 days prior incase the dog has a reaction to the shot. Please remember the bordetella shot is only 33 percent effective. Being that your dogs are younger they are at a greater risk of getting Canine Cough. It really is just like when humans get sick so...make sure they are eating when they are being boarded and they get plenty of rest. I also give my dog vitamin c.

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Shooting the dog up with a bordatella vaccination and then immediately boarding them for 10 days is a huge assult on their immune system. It would definitely not be my first choice. I don't give that vaccination any more, but nearly every dog who I have given it to has flu like symptoms within 10 days after the shot.

Definitely not a good situation to be in. My 2 cents: if you must have the vaccination, get it as soon as possible.

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Sasha has never had the vaccine and they said the soonest they can give it to her is Tuesday and we leave thursday but she has to have it...I hate the fact that they said it would be perfectly okay to wait until we brought her in for boarding...she is just a pup and never had that shot

But we are getting it done...I kept asking them about it every time I've talked to them

They are being boarded at the vets office though

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Can you have it done elsewhere sooner? Like a petsmart or something? That way they have a little added extra time to get it through their systems.

I do get the shot for two of my dogs because they do alot of doggie activities that are in places that require it and they work with me so they are around alot of dogs.

It isnt 100% effective, but if it is required, what can you do? Where I work we will take a dog if they had it that day and we will take dogs without the shot, but they have to sign a release form that they understand the risks and we aren't at fault if the dog gets sick.

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I want the vaccine done, thats not the issue. I don't get why they refuse to do Zacks I mean in a month he is due for it again anyways....and it makes me upset that they said it would be okay to have Sasha's done the day we drop her off.

I don't get their reasoning.

Our petco isn't doing shots right now but I could call petsmart

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You don't need an appointment for a Bordetella vaccine. A tech can do it anywhere if the dog is already a patient of that clinic. I'm surprised Sasha didn't need one for her obedience classes. Moira does. Call the vet's office and see if you can stop by today. The vet and the obedience instuctor both said 7 - 10 days lead time. I had just stopped in with Moira's last fecal, when I mentioned she was going to need a Bordetella. The receptionist grabbed a vet tech and it was in Moira's nose immediately. No Dr involved. He and I had discussed it at Lily's last exam, but I refused unless I need to board them. That's how I know he wants 7-10 days.

As for Zach, I have read on Dogster that some daycares want the vaccine every 6 months, so 11 months may be a little long. I would see if he could get his today, too.

BTW, Moira had no side effects, nor did Lily last year or my Sasha the year before.

Welcome back. wave How are Zach and Sasha?

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Alright. There are different types of immunity. In the case of a bordetella injection, humoral immunity takes at least 14 days to provide protection. There is also the intranasal bordetella which provides protection within 24 hours because it is localized. The dog picks up the bordetella bronchiseptica organism through its' nose... if it has received the intranasal bordetella, protection is almost immediate. Why didn't you start this conversation with your veterinarian instead of a dog blogging board?

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I did and I didn't get anywhere....something about it being required annually but I didn't find out until yesterday that what they said could potentially harm my girl. They believe she will be fine having it the day we drop her off at their office for boarding. And thats about all I got from them

Honestly I thought we got it done for Sasha before classes but I'm finding it nowhere in her records, so that is why i'm a little worried. I have the records we took to the trainer as well

Hi Lily and lily's mom,

Zack and Sasha are doing really well....They are thriving in our new home and community. They love being closer to more of the family (and the other dogs in the family) Sasha is still doing well with her commands. Zack has calmed down tremendously and he now has pretty much free run of the house but Sasha is still at a point where we can't leave her out unsupervised (we still crate Zack when we step out to be fair but at night he sleeps loose and Sasha gets to on the weekends)

They are doing so well and so am I. I am volunteering with the local Humane Society and I'm learning so much, I plan to become a vet tech in the future. Its nice to have direction and oh those animals at the shelter they just crave love. Sasha inspired me to get out there and help

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