Double fang teeth?

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Not sure if this is the right place to put this:

Kiko has double fang teeth on the bottoms. I need to know if this is normal, if I need to take her to the vet soon as possible or if her baby teeth are just taking longer to come out.

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It isn't uncommon for small dogs to not have all their baby teeth fall out. Talk to your vet about how long to wait to see if they fall out on their own or having them removed when you do the spay/neuter surgery. My dogs had problems with their fangs. They were the top ones...

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I had a fang tooth on the top that wouldn't come out. When I turned 1 the vet took it out for meblue dog Not an emergency or abnormal and easy to fixbig grin


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My sisters Yorkie, Teddy, has a fang tooth. It's not a double one but their vet said that it wouldn't hurt him and there was no reason to have it pulled. I'm not sure about a double on though.

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My wheaten terrier had the same thing but on the top teeth. When we took her into to get her spayed the doctors pulled out the baby teeth then since she was already under. The big girl teeth just pushed the baby teeth over instead of out. She didn't need any stitches or anything and was fine.

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sounds like its a baby tooth that needs to come out....usually when they spay/neuter your dogs, they will pull out any decidious baby teeth....my one doxie still has one, and it doesnt seem to bother her.