Triple antibacterial ointment?

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We just picked up our new puppy from the rescue yesterday. He was Neutered the day before and they used a ‘glue’ instead of stitches. We’re getting an e-collar today (I bought one a little too small yesterday) and I’m going to get him into my vet (even though the shelter vetted him) asap to get an overall check-up. Since he didn’t have a properly fitting e-collar it looks as though he aggravated the area.

My question is can I put some triple antibacterial ointment on the area before I take him to the vet?

Or are there any other suggestions to make sure everything is okey-dokey in the meantime?
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Be careful when using human grade medicated ointments on dog. It is much safer to get a germ soap (liquid form) or just plain old fashion iodine paint. Outside of those I'd check with your vet first to see what human grade ointments s/he recommends as safe for dogs.

The Vet we used authorized Polysporin for Kids and Polysporin original, but I'm not sure if it is available outside of Canada. Also for ear and eye infections Polysporin Ear & Eye Drops is safe for dogs. A very cost effective way to get results quickly and safely.

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Polysporin is Neosporin in the States.big grin


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Leo has a hot spot on his head so he needs to wear an e-collar - he HATED the plastic one and figured out how to take it off.

I got an inflatable one then at Petco - size medium fits him and he's 23 pounds. It was pricey at $33 but well worth it. He doesn't mind it at all, no lampshade look, he actually looks like he's wearing a life preserver.

If your pup has any problems with the e-collar beyond the fit - I def recommend the inflatable kind.
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I use Polysporin and Neosporin on my dogs wink Whenever they get in fights and I want to prevent an abcess I wash the area, then slather some kind of ointment of it then put a dressing over it and change the dressing/reapply ointment everyday until it is almost healed. I have never had a problem with using human grade stuff on dogs(My mom is nurse and she gets all kinds of stuff from the hospital).
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I wouldn't put anything on the area, just try to keep him from licking the area. You could put some warm compresses on the area, might help him feel better.

Spuds had the glue, didn't lick and he healed up real good.

Good Luck! Congrats on your new pup!!

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Sedonathanks for identifying the American brand name.

I noticed that polysporin has an itch relief one. Might be something for those who have indicated having grass/weed reactions on their paws.

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Well, look at all the Canadyun Canines here on this thread! BOL

I use polysporin on all minor scrapes, wounds etc and the ophthalmic/otic for ear and eye issues that are minor. So, I guess yes is the group answer.

The good thing about neuters is that it is a pretty shallow incision compared to a spay. Usually there is a series of regular sutures inside and glue on the outside. As much as you want to keep him from licking at it as much as possible, the chances of anything "coming open" before you see a vet are slim.

Congrats on your new puppy!

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The only thing you got to watch for with Nepsporin ointment is the licking. Neomyasin 'sp' The main ingredient,if ingested,not sure what quanity,can cause kidney failure!

You can google the main ingredients for side effects and see for yourself. Not all human meds are good for pets some can kill. So always best to call your vet and ask first. Or do your own reserch.

Neosporine is good for humans and pets,but you don't really got to worry about a human licking them selves!!! Pets you do!!!

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Well I ran to the local pet store and picked up a dog triple antibacterial ointment that has lidocane (spelling?) for numbing and a bitter taste to prevent licking. I was able to get him into the vet today for a quick check-up but he did actually open the outer area a little frown She wanted to put a stitch in to but it was too inflamed...I've got to keep the e-collar on him for now (and maybe up to 2 weeks!) and he is on antibiotics and anti-inflamatory meds...poor guy with everything else he has been through!

p.s. thanks for the tip on the inflatable one! he keeps running into things with the plastic one...including the back of my legs.

Wish him luck on a speedy recovery...he has earned it! little angel