finding a giant breed vet

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Horatio Kane

Barked: Wed Sep 3, '08 10:22am PST 
I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to do a search for a giant breed vet in a locale? I have 2 danes and a vet but the vet doesn't seem too interested in waiting till their older to spay/neuter because of size, ie moving them around on table etc. I am contemplating on checking out other places but figure that physically visiting or phone calling may heed the same results-- them saying whatever to get a new client. I was hoping there might be an internet site that shows specialties. blue dog
Donovan'sMajesticJet of Solace

Street sweeper!
Barked: Fri Sep 5, '08 9:36am PST 
Horatio, I am not sure about vets specializing in large breeds. I think your best bet is to visit a new vet and see how they handle your pup. You could look for a vet that handles ALL kinds of animals, lik e horses, cows. etc. My vet doesnt specialize in large breeds but handles my 110 lb GSD wonderfully!
♥Lenn- on♥

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Barked: Fri Sep 5, '08 10:36am PST 
Being a dane owner myself I feel your pain!!! I am a vet tech and still had a hard time finding a vet who I felt was appropriate to take care of my kids. I second the suggestion of finding a new vet, but also find a vet who is willing to learn giant breeds even if they aren't so Dane savvy. I bring Lennon and Dreamer's doctor all kinds of information about giant breeds and she reads all of it, we discuss it, and we make decisions based on my comfort level and hers. I hope you can find a vet as great as ours!!!

Madison Marjorie

Serenity Now
Barked: Fri Sep 5, '08 11:26am PST 
We understand also. Lennon made a great point. If you can't find a vet who has the experience one who is willing to learn would be great also. Kudos to you for doing your research.

Did someone say- Treat???
Barked: Fri Sep 5, '08 11:29am PST 
Okay, this might be a longshot here..but do you have a Dane Rescue in your state?? If you do, they probably have foster homes in different areas..and maybe you could get a recommendation from them???

Moose Goose
Barked: Fri Sep 5, '08 2:57pm PST 
I think that would be a great idea Andrew way to go
As for having big dogs, Moose is pretty big though I know not as big as a Great Dane! A few vet visits ago the vet told us that Golden Retrievers and Labs are supposed to weigh around 70 pounds (Moose was weighing 98 pounds) . So of course Moose went on a diet but I think getting down to 70 pounds is ridiculous. I have seen Moose next to purebreed Goldens and Labs and he is larger in height. He has dropped a lot of weight though I'm not comfortable at the thought of him being 70 pounds so I'm not going to let him loose that much

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Barked: Fri Sep 5, '08 3:34pm PST 
Have you checked with the breeder you got your giants from to see who their vet is? You can try calling around to different vets to ask them if they specialize in giant breeds and maybe you will find someone helpful enough to refer you to the right vet or you can ask other giant breed owners you know or meet. Lots of luck to you and your cuties!big grin

Grizzy Grace. <3
Barked: Fri Sep 5, '08 3:57pm PST 
Find a vet where some of the staff has giant breed dogs!

I own two Bullmastiffs and the other technican at my clinic is a seasoned English Mastiff owner!

I wouldn't say we "specialize" in giant breed dogs, but with the knowledge we have together and what the vet has learned from our giant breed dogs, we see a lot because everybody knows "that clinic has the mastiff-breed ladies in it" so they seem to flow our way! We as technicians are also very comfortable handling giant breeds for a variety of tasks, which you don't find everywhere! Giant breed owners can also relate to us as owners and tend to trust us more with their giants because they know that we know how to handle them. They also tend to also love us because we shower their extra large pooches with love, knowing how special they are! wink

Good luck!

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