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Looking for positive stories after Mast Cell Tumor removal.

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Barked: Mon Dec 3, '12 8:56pm PST 
Bella had a mast cell tumor removed from her chest at age of year and half or two years old I forgot need check the pic I took after she had it removed.

I think it was a mast cell tumor or something close to it. I'll have ask mom as she'd remember.

So far she is four and hasn't had any more issues, but I check her once a week mostly.

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Barked: Wed Dec 5, '12 2:01am PST 
Mast cell tumors are very common in dogs. There is no known cause. They can be found on any part of your dog's body that is covered with skin. It is best to have them removed. Mast cell tumors are very easy to identify once they are biopsied. Most mast cells come in single tumors. The appearance of a mast cell tumor can vary widely. They can become smaller or larger with time. Sometimes a dog will get sick when they have a mast cell tumor. Foruntately, they are usually very easy to biopsy. It is a good idea to run a complete blood panel on your dog. Removing one is locally invasive. Their behavior determines their grade. There are three grades of mast cell tumors. They have been known to spread to the lymph nodes and caus lymphoma. She will need a full body exam to make sure the cancer has not spread.
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