How much do you pay for heartworm test?

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The Cow Dog
Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 6:55am PST 
I'm curious, how much does your annual heartworm test cost? A friend of mine just got charged 82.00 and I thought that was very high!!

Rudy sin- barreras
Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 7:57am PST 
ummm wow. I just got one done at the end of June and it was $20.

Roswell,- CGC, NPC

Cancer sucks :(
Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 8:41am PST 
I think mine charges $44 and included with it is a small health profile. However, they also charge an office call. Is it just for the HW test, or is there other bloodwork being run along with it? And is there a separate office call?

Tessa- Sue~*In- loving- memory*~

Gone. But the- ledgend lives on
Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 9:14am PST 
$18, we get it done at the low cost place.
Pee Wee

Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 9:27am PST 
Mine charges $44 as well

Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 9:44am PST 

Did someone say- Treat???
Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 9:45am PST 
$25 in central Florida

ETA: It would probably help if you told us where your friend lived...you would want to compare costs for that area

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Sirius- Padfoot- Black

Too clever for- Mom's own good!- :)
Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 9:50am PST 
I think mine was $35 or so. It really varies, according to where you live and how overpriced (or not) your vet is.

Grizzy Grace. <3
Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 10:47am PST 
I think ours is around $32. With our vaccine titer it's about $85, though.

Until there are- none, adopt one!

Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 10:52am PST 
$20, but add another $10 or so for an office visit (my vet is pretty cheap on office visits).
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