Slippery Feet

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Barked: Sun Aug 10, '08 4:09pm PST 
My dog is getting old and now has a hard time getting up from laying down on hard woods, he slips sometimes while walking on them, and has a hard time going up the stairs. He is picky so I am not sure if he would like boots if that is what he needs. Any suggestions?
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Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 2:16am PST 
http://www.inthecompanyofdogs.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=D71087S&srccode=NX BDGO&kwsrch=nonbrand

You could try these!
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Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 2:50am PST 
My mom and dad bought a lot of rubber-backed throw rugs and placed them by my food dishes and at the foot of the stairs, where my feet would go out from under me when I tried to get up on the first step.

Those foot pads are hilarious. I had kind of poor feeling in my paws and might actually not have noticed them, but I suspect most dogs would chew them off and eat them!