Inside Dog vs. Outside Dog?

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Bisou CGC- TDI

Boney Baloney- Face
Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 9:32am PST 
Bisou, his Dad, and I are moving into a new house!!! With a yard and everything. (smallish yard) We had been talking about getting another dog, but I think at the time I have decided against it. Bisou is our baby, and goes lots of places with us I don't know if we can do that with 2. Or how the "baby" will react. Maybe in the next few years.

Bisou's Dad however is pining away for a "big" dog, to wrestle, roughhouse and play with. He wants a Pit, GSD, Boxer, Bulldog, or something like that. I do not want a Pit ( had one before, loved her, can't stand the BSL crap), Boxer (health reasons and short life span), or Bulldog (health problems). I would love to have a GSD s, but now is not the time.

He wants a big dog to "live" outside. WHAT!?!?! naughty NO WAY AM I GOING TO HAVE AN OUTSIDE DOG!

And he claims the house is too small to have us, Bis, and a big dog.


He compared it to prison.


Dad brings home big dog, fight over where it lives, Dad won't take to vet. Mom does. Dad runs out of cheap food, feeds Bis' good food. Mom does EVERYTHING!

sorry for shouting, need advice.

Oh he claims Bis is "his" dog too, I got him before we met, I pay for everything, he plays with him.
Lou-Lou- Noelle

*~ Burnin Up~*
Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 11:34am PST 
i have an outside dog and some inside dogs i prefer in side dogs but you do what ya gotta do and the outside dog gets walks and lots and lots of love!
Kiona CGC

The Prettiest- Princess

Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 11:47am PST 
Tell him to join the WWF if he wants a wrestling buddy, or get some rowdy friends.

Dogs require vet care, decent nutrition, and a life inside with their family. They do not require daily wrestles with their "Dad".

Please try to explain to him that he needs to weigh a dog's need for a stable, loving, healthy home that takes proper care of it vs. his desire to "roughhouse." Hopefully he will pay attention to where the scales fall and make the right choice, which might mean he has to not get what HE wants. He'll live.

Timber CGC

Compulsive- face-licking- disorder ;)
Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 11:55am PST 
For one, you could have Dad take car of Bis first. As in clean up poop, feed, take for walks, the whole nine yards. Once he has mastered that, you can say you will agree to a second dog. Have him do research on dogs, food, etc. Show him what he is getting into. Take him to the dog park and have him talk to GSD owners. Make him understand dogs aren't just play toys, they are living beings and like children need attention and care. Having a GSD in a small house with a small yard might be a real issue and you have to show Dad or have him research and find out himself. Let him know about vet bills and food bills etc. Just let him know what he is in for.
As for outside-inside dog, I don't know if this will be a good solution for you, but you could put a dog house outside and have a doggie door installed. Then let the dogs choose and pick. This way they can be out when they want and in when they want. Having an outside dog really depends on where you live. If you live in Phoenix, like me, there is no way in the world you can have an outside dog. In moderate climates its more doable. I personally still prefer to have my dog in the house with access to the outside.

Big Mac Attack
Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 11:57am PST 
I personally disagree with outside dogs. The only time my boys are outside is for potty, playtime or walking. Dogs should be treated as a member of the family. They desire attention & love just like we do and its very hard to devote the time necessary when the pup is outside. Plus living outside is just hard on them physically (especially Boxers).

I pray that you can win this battle and divert his interest to something other than having an outside dog.
Jackie Poo,- NPC

I swear, I- didn't do it
Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 12:07pm PST 
Maybe you could come up with an inside/outside scenario? And with a correct match of breed and climate, the dog may choose to be outside much of the time.
You see, we have that in Jackie. She's more my hubby's dog.
And of our 2 dogs, she's the only one who can be crated (but can always unlatch herself), so we don't really use crates either except as the location for her to sleep.
We have a very dog-friendly home with a dog door and a fenced yard. Inside there are several dog beds, water dishes, and toy baskets as well as attractive permanent gates to keep them out of areas where they are likely to injure themselves or cause trouble and extensive puppy-proofing. That all does double duty now that we have a toddler.
Any way, so long as it's not very cold out, Jackie likes to spend the majority of her time outside. She comes in to eat, sleep, check in on us, and for playtime or snuggles but really...she likes being out. It's just who she is. And she can come inside and, thanks to extensive Jackie-proofing, there's not really much she can do to cause problems if no one is watching her that very moment.
I think an inside/outside scenario with a properly matched dog and proper planning could be a good compromise. Also, you could look into doggy daycare for the puppy years when they really NEED the watching.
As for breed, can't help you much. Our tastes in dog have gotten...exotic.

Am I a Rottan- Shepherd Dog?- :-D
Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 12:13pm PST 
Maybe this article will give you some discussion points to convince your husband an outside dog is a bad idea.

Bisou CGC- TDI

Boney Baloney- Face
Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 12:50pm PST 
I think it will be easy for him to back down, but I want him to know why and not just because I said so.

I grew up with outside "junkyard" dogs. They were fed, watered, played with and walked, but were "mean" to outsiders. We lived in a rough neighborhood and they never came in.

"Dad" grew up with a GSD, then a wolf hybrid, then a pit, now Bis. I can't say he's ever been taught how to properly care for a dog. I believe the GSD was an indoor outdoor and died from old age, the wolf cross was allowed to roam and ate poison, the pit was given to a friend when he moved and had to be put down.

I am not opposed to leaving a dog outside to play on nice days. But they won't live outside.

I do a lot of research and pride myself on being a good pet parent/owner, he just knows what he has seen and thinks I am crazy for how I treat Bisou.
Pippin CGC

King- Dingleberry!
Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 1:00pm PST 
I agree with you...In the scenario you've described I think an outside dog isn't the best idea.
Hank -TD

I can burp- better than you
Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 1:12pm PST 
I am not against dogs living outside but under certain circumstances.
I do have dogs that live outside. Not by my choice but for their health. The dogs that are outside are Pyrenees. They are from a shelter and were raised outside. They don't like being inside. They pace, are restless and want out. I have tried. Now we manage to have them out but taking care of them well. A thing that turned into their favor is that we made LGD's out of them. They have to keep the coyotes away from the horses. They love their job so they are busy. They also come in the house once in a while to keep their housebreaking up to date and to cuddle with us. On very cold winter time they sleep in the house by the door where it's colder. They also do multiple things like pet therapy, agility and tracking.

I think that dogs that live outside can fare well as long as their humans are commited to be there for them. If you can have two that lives outside that's even better. Good quality food and increased vet care is a must as these dogs are out in the elements. You have to be even more aware of the poo they do, quantity of food they take and water. It's a lot of work to have outside dogs.
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