18 year old dog not eating or drinking

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Leaving- pawprints on- your heart
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 10:16am PST 
My dog is 18 years old. For the past week he has stopped eating his dog food. He will eat boiled chicken, which he loves. His water intake has dropped drastically. When he goes to his water bowl he lays his head towards the side of the bowl. It's almost like he has forgotten how to drink. He has lost about 4 lbs and only weighed 15 lbs to begin with. He only has one eye and last year the vet told me he has lost about 80% of the sight in his remaining eye. Two years ago he did have a tumor in his mouth. My vet removed the tumor as well as seven teeth. This never caused a problem for him when it came to eating so I know that is not the cause of why he isn't eating or drinking now.
I have tried to force him to drink, but it does no good. He drank a little water two days ago, which made me encouraged but I don't think he has drank anything for the past two days. I've offered him apple juice, lemonade, cranberry juice and even tea. He won't drink anything.
I know the inevitable is upon me with him being 18 years old. I am taking him to the vet today and I fear the worst. I am no where near to being prepared to facing a day without Oscar in it.

I love him so so deeply. Just thinking about it hurts so much. I talked to him a few days ago and attempted to say our good-byes but the pain was so heavy I felt like I couldn't breathe.

I am really scared. I don't know how to let him go. How do you let 18 years of perfect love go?
Cherokee- Forever- Loved Cherry

Our Precious- Angel Cherry
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 10:22am PST 
hug Oscar hug It is because our parents love us, that they are able to let us go when it is time. They filled our time on earth with love and the best gift they can give us is to release us from pain when we are ready to go.

18 years is a great life and try to let your parents know you will be forever in their hearts whether you are on earth or watching from above.

*Retrieva Diva!*
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 11:17am PST 
I'm so sorry Oscar.

I can't imagine what your mom is going through right now...its got to be so hard to let go. I have a favorite poem that might help her cope with whats going on:

" Don't be sad because I am gone, be glad because I was here."

Bring him into the vet and see what they say. 18 years is pretty old for a dog, what a great accomplishment. You have given him love and happiness for 18 years, remember the good times. He will always remember you...and what a great pawrent you are.

Please keep us posted, we will keep Oscar and your family in our prayers. hug

Sadie Mae- Mae

the mazester
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 11:49am PST 
Oscar is in our prayers.

Multo en Parvo-A- lot in a little!
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 12:27pm PST 
You must be a wonderful dog parent to have given your dog 18 lovely years. I am so sorry for your loss. It will be best to let him go so he does not endure in pain. Im so sorry

little- dog big- life
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 2:15pm PST 
"I don't know how to let him go".

we never do let them go, they are always with us; in a very real sense, they have never gone. they are in our hearts and the memories are with us every day, they are a part of us.
once, when one of my dogs was very old, my brother told me, 'remember, she will stay for you because she knows you don't want her to go and she wants to give you what you what she always has given you; her complete devotion. you might be the one who has to decide when its right for her to leave, because she will stay to just to make you happy, no matter the cost to herself."
i realized how true his words were and how wanting her to stay here with me was a selfish desire on my part, i couldn't bare to lose her and i thought about her desires instead of my own and asked myself, what did she want?
the rules of nature are the same for all of us and its the brevity of our lives that gives it so much texture. i hope it is of comfort to you that anyone who has ever loved a dog has felt exactly what you are feeling today and we understand.

What dont kill- you only makes- you strong
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 2:45pm PST 
Its never easy and my heart goes out to you> I went threw the same thing a few months ago with my 15 year old greyhound mix we lost her to congestive heart failure. It stuill hurts but I know shes in a better place running and playing again.hug
♥- DarlaMae - ♥

I Am- Iron Nose- !
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 4:01pm PST 
hughughugOscar and familyhughughug
Sam We Miss- You August- 14,2007

Sam the tank
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 4:04pm PST 
hugOscar, your story is much like Samshug

I wasn't ready to let Sam go, and I still miss him every single day. I dont know how you can say goodbye to a best friend after so many years. It wasnt easy but it does get less painful.

We are thinking of you hug

Lickers to all- dogs big and- small!
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 4:19pm PST 
hughug Oscar and family hughug
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