Possible Eye Scratch, how do I know?

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Barked: Sun Jul 20, '08 1:53am PST 
This is a funny, but not, story.

We were heading home from the farmer's market and Duncan, being the un-neutered male that he is (don't rag on me for this, he has seizures, can't go under), has to pee on everything. We were walking on the sidewalk beside some buildings and Duncan decided he had to pee on a wall. As he walked up to it and started lifting his leg, he jumped, like someone had just kicked him in the head. It turns out, he didn't see that the stone work on the wall stuck out farther at the top, than at the bottom. I believe he caught his eye on one of the stones on the wall.

It doesn't seem to bother him a lot, but he is pawing at it a bit and squinting a little from time to time. I have taken a look, and I cannot see that his lens is scratched, but I am not sure. I was wondering if I could put some polysporin eye drops in. If I did this, and the eye was scratched, would it hurt it? I just want to make sure he doesn't get an infection, as this was an area a lot of homeless and drug people hang out.

I will leave him for the night, as the eye does not look red or swollen. I cannot contact a vet until Monday, but will do so first thing Monday morning if he is still pawing at it.

Any tips, ideas, or advise would be greatly appreciated.
Duncan, CD,- CGN, RNMCL,- RACL,

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Barked: Sun Jul 20, '08 12:50pm PST 
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Hi blue dog
I get eye ulcers and I am just getting over a blister in my eye. When mom notices that my eye hurts and I cant get to my eye dogtor right away she uses cellvisc and a warm facecloth over my eye which helps for the time. But I would bring him to the dogtor to get it checked out cause most of the time when I have an ucler they are very hard to see with just looking, they need to stain my eye to see how bad it really is.

Good Luck


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I'm not familar with polysporin, but if your eye is scratched, and you put something with a steriod in it, it can make it worse! I'd call an after hours vet and ask them. Eyes can get bad, fast! and they are not easy to fix, so be careful.

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You can use polysporin ophthalmic OINTMENT..it will help prevent infection and keep a protective film on the eye, but really I would see if you have an emergency vet you can go to..because if he did scratch the cornea they are VERY painful.

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Barked: Mon Jul 21, '08 9:42am PST 
My muddles had an eye ulcer which the vet said was probably due to his eye being scratched by something. I dont know when it happened but i did notice one night that his one eye was shut a little more than the other. i just left it to see how it was in the morn. Well the next morn it was swollen shut. Got him in right away and they did have to put dye in his eye to verify it was an ulcer (from a scratch). They gave me special drops to put in. With something as important as eyesight - i would wait and get the vets advice. However, there was another time where his 2nd eyelid was swollen and half way up his eye . . again, it was during non vet hours. I didn't have any eye wash so I used my saline for my contact lenses. That helped within the hour. Everything was back to normal - he must have just had something in his eye that needed to be flushed out. I did, however, check with my pet first aid book before trying that. I just love it and would recommend every dog / cat owner to have one. Good luck and i hope all is ok.
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Duncan, did you end up getting checked out? I hope it was nothing serious. Eye things kinda freak me out! I (the human) had the tiniest tiniest abrasion on my cornea one time, and that was one of the most painful things ever. Anytime there's an eye injury it's very important to have it looked at right away. I hope your eye is feeling better soon and that it was just some irritation and not a scratch!