Beagle coughing spells

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Barked: Sun Jul 6, '08 7:34am PST 
I'm just wondering if any other Beagle owners see the following in their dog(s.)

Some times when Mayday gets too excited he starts to have coughing fits so bad he can't breathe or move very well. He had his vocal chords cut because he came from a research lab but they grew back. I'm thinking the coughing has something to do with that but then it could be just a beagle trait. There isn't anything that can be done but again, I'm just wondering.

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I dont have any experience with Beagles, but the first thing I thought of was Kennel Cough (Bordetella), could it be this?

Wexford has this when he was about 4 months old - it was a very dry, hacking cough - like he was coughing up a furball.

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Im a beagle too!
It sounds like reverse sneezing beagles are very prone too it!
There was a thread on here about it not too long ago if you did a search Im sure you could find that and more.
You can google it also
Hallie is just a pup so she hasn't started doing it (yet) but my chihuahua does it very often when he pulls on his leash and when he gets excited.
Hope I could helpbig grin
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Is your beagle coughing or is it more like a reverse sneeze? A reverse sneeze almost sounds like they are having an asthma attack. My puggles both do it, so does my pug and I have known alot of beagles that do it. It sounds and looks horrible but goes away in a few moments. If you rub their throat or gently pinch their nose it helps to stop it. My poor puggle Bo gets them so badly sometimes when he is excited that his sides will collapse in and he can't move.

It really looks bad but it doesnt hurt them in any way.

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naughty Why didn't I think of that! I do that reverse sneeze occassionally too. It scared Mommy the first time I did it. It could be that, we arent sure what causes it though.

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Siren is half beagle and pekingese, both breeds which are prone to reverse sneezing. I haven't noticed any, but I think that might be your case. Good luck!