Mitral Valve Dysplasia

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Does anyone have any experience with MVD? Kaia was diagnosed with it in March. The vet said that the prognosis is not good. He estimated in 5-6 months, she would start to show signs of congestive heart failure and expected life span is 12-18 months. I have not been able to meet anyone that has experience with this - anyone out there??? cry
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I am so sorry. I do not have experience with MVD but i live in Maine as well, and went through a similar situation with a puppy ( bought from a horse farm- Corgis are horse-y dogs) that had renal dysplasia.

Aggressive treatment and medications gave us a whole year with her during which we managed to keep her quality of life pretty good. She was diagnosed at Portland veterinary specialists - they were wonderful as I cried my eyes out that day. Salsa was also seen very frequently and treated compassionately at Lewiston Vet Hospital.

Research like crazy. Search forums and yahoo groups for others with this condition, as well as online articles. Dont just go home with a bag of prescription diet and watch time slip away. Enjoy your pup, be careful with her, but let her be a dog. I let Salsa do some things I knew might tire her in the interest of quality of life. ( like trips to Wolfe neck State park , her favorite). Do what you can, even though it means forming a stronger bond with this pup and having to eventually let go.

I hope you can at least get something back from the pet store without having to return your poor baby :-( I will be keeping her in my thoughts hug

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So sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I would google it and see what you can find. My understanding is that with proper medical care you can extend the lifespan some...as it depends on the severity of the defect.

Merck has an online veterinary manual that is kind of technical but still covers most conditions, symptoms and drug recommendations.


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I am so sorry to hear that you and your pup have to go through this. Everyday is a precious one.

This is a very extensive page on MVD in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel . They get this as pups as well. I think by survey 10-19% have a murmur by one, so the Cavalier Club is doing a ton of research.

The page is long, but goes through all the stages and gives information on medications and treatments and what to expect.

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Kaia, so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Did your vet hear a heart murmur (which can be caused by many different things - some benign, some not so benign) or was there further work up done to establish mitral valve dysplasia (i.e. echocardiogram)? This is not a common congenital heart malformation, so I'm not surprised that you haven't met too many other Dogsters who have experienced it. There are some breeds that are affected more than others, so sometimes searching breed websites or clubs can be helpful (maybe start with a search of your breed in particular - you never know).

The prognosis will greatly depend on how big the defect is and how rapidly the heart decompensates, which can be quite different in different individuals.

In people, there are fancy surgeries to replace the defective heart valve, but this is not done with dogs (unfortunately), so it's supportive care (dealing with congestive heart failure as it arises), and enjoying your time together as much as possible. Also, I'd probably tell the breeder about it since there is some heritable component.
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Really sorry to hear about this cryhug

Have you actually seen a cardiologist? Not all vets have that much indepth knowledge of this and if you have not had an ultrasound there is no way of him knowing just how bad or not it is.

Something I have just read "Mildly affected animals may remain free of clinical signs for several years." So you need to really find out what grade the problem is.