How dangerous is it for dogs to eat acorns

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Barked: Wed Aug 10, '05 5:18pm PST 
When we were camping Jack started eating any aorns he found on the campsite, most of them were taken away but he managed to get a few down.
He has to be tethered when he is out alone and cannot reach under the oak trees but while unloading the truck I let him run loose,, he started eating acorns like popcorn,, is this really bad...I had a shetland pony who foundered himself eating acorns,, I know canine systems are way different than equine ,, but I worry

I cant keep him tied all the time, he loves to play in the yard,, we have 2 huge oaks,, and a yard just full of acorns..could not possibly remove them all?
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Barked: Wed Aug 10, '05 5:46pm PST 
Hi! Logan eats acorns, too. I'm not sure which part of it he really tries to eat, if it's the whole acorn, just the nut part or just the top but he can't resist them. I don't know how dangerous they are but I would think they wouldn't be good for them. We keep him away from them as much as possible and take away as many as we can, but we can't get them all. So far, no major trouble.

He eats a little of everything (we should have named him Hoover) and has been taken to the vet numerous times over his first year of life with an upset stomach. Mostly they tell us to watch his poop and make sure he doesn't get blocked and he should be fine. If something has made him vomit, they give us some anti-nausea medication and bland dog food for a few days. I don't think the acorns have ever made him vomit, though.

There is no way to keep up with all the acorns. We have a huge oak tree in the backyard and at least one squirrel calls it home, so we even get acorns from other oaks in the neighborhood. To keep him from eating them, one thing that works for us from time to time is to have a water gun or squirt bottle on hand and give him a quick squirt in the face and a loud "No, don't eat that." If he goes back to it, he get's another squirt. Usually, he'll decide whatever it is he wants isn't worth the trouble and give up....for a while. We tried spraying a few with Bitter Apple and baiting him, but he actually likes Bitter Apple, so that backfired.

Good luck!

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Barked: Wed Aug 10, '05 5:54pm PST 
Thanx Logan,
Bitter Apple only works on Jack when it is wet, after it dries he does not even notice,, I have a chewed up deck, and am missing part of my kitchen floor and the rung from one barstool to prove it,,

My oaks are mostly in the front,, the neighbors across the side street (we live on a corner) he has an oak park, unbelievable but the back yard is relatively free of nuts.. we will just have to try to stay there.
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Barked: Wed Aug 10, '05 6:42pm PST 
Wow, small world! Ozzy started eating acorns after we moved into a house with 3 oak trees and I was worried to until I remembered in hard times people used to grind up acorns to make flour. So, then Annie started eating them too but I think the novelty wore off because they just like to see how far into the house they can get before they are caught with the acorn! Our biggest worry was the gumballs from the gumtree next door both dogs seemed to thrive on chewing on them and no harm came to either one but it sure did give their teeth a good cleaning.

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Barked: Wed Aug 10, '05 6:47pm PST 
You know that is what my mom said about the acorns,, Native americans used them all the time, ,, I was just worried because they (people) had to soak them, pour water or something through them to leech out the ?tannin?,, I could be wrong about what needed to come out but there is something in them that wasnt good for people and deffinetly was not good for my shetland pony
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

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Barked: Thu Aug 11, '05 5:39am PST 
Pigs are fed acorns - I know a dog isn't a pig (well not all of them anyway hehehe). I will have to have a look on the internet.

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Barked: Thu Aug 11, '05 5:43am PST 
I don't know about acorns, but I get shelled walnuts as play toy/treat. I play with the walnut as if it's a ball. When I get tired of it, I crack the shell and eat the yummy nut inside. It keeps me occupied for 30- 60 minutes! Mommie follows me around picking up the shells.

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Barked: Thu Aug 11, '05 7:39am PST 
I eat acorn all the time. I love them. My mom thinks they are kind of good for me but she doesn't really know why - she also studied about Native American diets and acorns were a huge part of certain tribes diets so they are probably okay for dogs too. My mom thinks if she went outside right now and ate an acorn, she'd probably be fine. My mom read once that oak is bad for dogs, but the article didn't specify what kind of oak - tree, poison oak, etc. I always chew on oak leaves and twigs and never get sick. We also have these oak balls that fall from our trees. My mom doesn't really know what these are but I play with them all the time (they roll!), so my mom was kind of wondering if those are okay for me if anybody else out there knows.

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Barked: Fri Aug 12, '05 10:54am PST 
We dogs generally don't eat things in nature that are harmful to us. We live with two large live oaks and several of us eat acorns regularly if we can find any the squirrels haven't gotten at. Once my sister Della got a broken shell stuck on her toe, which mom thought was pretty funny (Della wasn't laughing), so mom worries a bit about the shells, but so far no problems.

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Barked: Fri Aug 12, '05 2:24pm PST 
As much as I could find yesterday seemed to state that a large amount could be toxic to a dog, although I don't know what 'large' amount is.
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