I have open oozy sores on my neck and chin. Please help me!

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Barked: Wed Apr 16, '08 1:05pm PST 
My mom feels like she has exhausted her options! A while ago, I developed a scab on my neck (under my chin), which then turned kind of green and oozy, so mom took me to the vet right away. The vet thought that it was a virus, so put me on anti-biotics (Clavamox, Baytril, and one other that I can't remember), but I didn't respond to any of them. The vet also game me some pantalog cream that I despised! The final step, was some prednisone (a steroid) which mom really didn't want to give to me because it damages the liver and made me pee all the time. She even had an energy healing done on me! It was either the prednisone, or the energy healing, because something finally worked, and my sore went away. Well now, I have developed two more sores on my neck, and we don't know what to do. I received another energy healing, which I haven't responded to. We're scared to go on prednisone again, and are wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if so, what has helped?
I really don't like being sick or taking drugs...please help me!

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hi there wave if its green puss it is infected so you need to go to the vet asap.

Im not a expert but just thought i would share our experience...we had infected scabs on us last year it was diagnoised at pustural dermititis, it is caused by bacteria getting in to a flea bite or a scraps. Aparently it can be reoccuring.

It might not be this....just sounds like it!! Aparently apple cider vinegar is a good preventative treatment.


Hop e you are better soon

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Could it maybe be from your collar? Romeo had something like that on his neck under his chin once...It seemed that he had an allergy to the metal buckle on his collar. Once it went away, I got him a collar with a plastic clip buckle and now he doesn't have any issues anymore.


Barked: Wed Apr 16, '08 4:17pm PST 
Thank you both for your responses! I have been the vet for this before, and I didn't respond to anti-biotics at all, so we know it's not a bacterial infection frown

Mom took a look at that website about the apple cider vinegar, and sprayed my neck tonight - I was NOT impressed!

I'm going to start a raw food diet later this week to help boost my natural immune system! Mmmmmmeat!

Also, thank you for the message about my collar. Mom has taken off the tags to see if that will make a difference - thank you for the suggestion!