My puppy pulled out her spay stitches!

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Barked: Fri Mar 14, '08 6:59pm PST 
My puppy was spayed on Monday and pulled out 3 of her 5 stitches tonight (Friday). She doesn't seem to be in any pain. Should I worry??

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Barked: Fri Mar 14, '08 7:23pm PST 
If the incision is oozing or looks "open" take her in asap. Usually stitches come out in 7-10 days so it's a bit early. Call your vet tomorrow (most vets are open saturday am) and ask to be sure.
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Barked: Fri Mar 14, '08 10:08pm PST 
Please call your vet ASAP; we once had a female cat who pulled her sutures out from a spay and had it not been caught on time she would have bled to death. At the very least it could get a really nasty infection.

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Barked: Fri Mar 14, '08 11:53pm PST 
Lucy, I would still go see a vet, but Xena got spayed last tuesday, and pulled hers out twice. Even wearing the E-Collar, she just plays too rough... The vet finally just put some glue on it and that seemed to work well. Xena was fine, it just oozed a bit. We had to make sure she had a towel under her when she slept (we finally gave her some benadryl to keep her calmer)... Xena has taken longer to heal, from having to be sewn up three times! It has pretty much scabbed over, but today she made it bleed again playing with her brothers... If you are a rough-player like me (LOVES to jump!), it will probably just take longer to heal.

PS- we left you a bone... maybe that will make it easier to stay calm and focus on something else....wave

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Barked: Sat Mar 15, '08 6:29am PST 
Did you take Lucy to the vet? This may not be a big deal or it could be a huge problem. A lot of it depends on the kind of stitches placed under the skin. Sometimes the stitches that are under the skin are enough to hold everything together. But if not and she continues to get at the stitches that are deeper, then her intestines could fall out. Please take her to a vet ASAP. If your regular vet isn't open, then find an emergency clinic! Good Luck.

Barked: Sat Mar 15, '08 11:06am PST 
We went to the Animal ER last night. They glued her back together and said not to worry too much and to keep her calm. My puppy is pretty depressed today (not eating, drinking), but we have an appointment with the vet on Monday morning. Thanks for the advice!