When is it too cold for a walk?

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My Mama loves- me.
Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 8:29am PST 
I know it basic common sense when it's too cold, but I was just wondering when you pups think it's just too cold for a walk. We haven't been on a walk in two days. Today is day 3. I know he wants to go so bad, but I think it's way too cold. Right now it's 12 degrees and with the wind chill it feels like -1. He loves being outside even when it's freezing out. He likes to sit on the back deck and survey his yard and then take off and sprint to the back of the fence, so at least he's getting a little exercize!

*Retrieva Diva!*
Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 8:45am PST 
Depends on how well he does with the cold. If he can stand to be outside in temperatures like this a walk won't hurt. Just make it short with the wind chills. We had twenty below here again yesterday morning so we didn't get our walk in but twelve above would probably be fine. You could even put a little jacket on him if you're nervous of him getting cold.This winter is getting long and cold, I know Nallah is definately ready for spring!

My Mama loves- me.
Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 8:48am PST 
I hear ya! Both Cooper and I are ready for spring! He had thick medium length fur and he's so busy sniffing everything, I don't even think he realizes it's cold out! I just worry about his feet. The town plows the sidewalks, so we aren't trudging thru snow, but I still worry.

~ Princess ~

Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 8:56am PST 
It was -27 here with the wind chill but I had to walk my niebours dogs as they have never been let out in the backyard to pee, they have always been walked. I had to put 2 layers of coats on them and make it a really quick walk before they would get really cold. I guess if they are dressed warm and its a quick walk it would depend on the dogs.

Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 9:31am PST 
When your eyelashes stick together it's too cold way to go

My big boys don't mind the cold at all but I do. Nothing worse than getting half way through a walk and getting that pins and needles feeling on the front of your thighs. When it's that bad I'll run them around our yard fetching tennis balls and dummies and such instead of going for our usual walks. Gotta burn that energy some how!

Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 9:59am PST 
haven't missed a day of walking yet! some days the walks are shorter but more frequent, but i still get to go for a walk every single day! i love my walks no matter how cold it is.

wigley- quigley,the- quigster
Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 10:03am PST 
I cant imagine it being -20 something, but I know it gets that cold for some of you in U.S.A and Canada please keep warm and if you get out for walks put a warm coat on!!
The Quigsterdog

CGC - tummy rub,- please
Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 10:05am PST 
Depends on your pup... Chufee LOVES 0-30F degree weather. Go figure, with the full on husky/mal coat. But she won't go outside by herself. So Grover has to go outside too for a walk. Poor short coated boy, I bought him nice hiking shoes and a parka just so Chufee will go outside. The things we do for the pups we love! Lantis will just go, do his business and bum rush the door to get back in. When he does that, I know it's too cold outside for everyone but Chufee.

Hump Hump
Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 5:18pm PST 
When is it too cold for a walk??
When a icicle forms on my God given Bully stick !!..laugh out loudlaugh out loud
Thor ..wave

The best New- York Rescue!!!
Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 5:31pm PST 
keeep in mind guys that you can always throw a few xtra balls in the house or have indoor games. If there is a lot of salt ion the roads or side walks be careful the kids don't get burnt paws from it. That is one of the biggest reasons we don't walk. Besides it's -6 degrees and -28 withthe windchill. Now that's cold! I put sweatshrits on the boys when we do walk in the cold.eek
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