Underarm Rash

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Barked: Sun Jan 6, '08 5:19pm PST 
Over the past week or so, Oz has developed quite a nasty rash under his front two legs. In his "under arm" area.

He has had this before, and we had given him Children's benadryl and sprayed him with some anistheptic and it went away.

This time it looks to be worse that before, he is constantly licking or scratching at it when the effects of the benadryl have worn off.

We have given him a bath in hopes to clean it up. Which for about a day it looked better, but the next day it came back.

I have considered getting an "e-collar" I believe it's called, for him to help prevent the licking. But if I am not mistaken, that will not stop him from scratching.

It looks quite nasty now, and we are not sure what has caused it.
This time, and the time before, Oz had not been exposed to anything new whether it be food or surroundings.
The last time this happened it was in the summer, it now being winter I don't think it could be a seasonal occurance; or allergy to something environmental.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what this may be?
Or any advice on how to help clear it up?

Thanks pups!

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Barked: Sun Jan 6, '08 7:03pm PST 
It could be a variety of things, but like you said, the first thing that popped into my head when I read the title was "Allergies!".

Dogs can actually develop allergies to their food and/or surroundings over time. So he might be allergic to some sort of winter thistle this year that he was not allergic to last year. Joey gets allergy infections in between his paws during the summer months because of the scratchy grasses that he is allergic to. We have to keep him on Benedryl (daily) and we don't let him pee/poop in the grass, he is strictly confined to cool pavement, sod, and gravel during the summer. Lately, he has been experiencing the same symptoms. It is winter. To help him out, I wash his paws with warm water every time he comes back inside from being outdoors. When I take him jogging, we stay on the pavement and out of the bushes. This has helped him a lot and I have not needed to give him any Benedryl.

What food has he been eating? Have you been giving him any new/exotic table scraps? But like you, I doubt it would be food allergies if you haven't changed his diet. Then again, people and dogs can develop new allergies. I have been eating peanut butter all my life- but lately I have been getting rashes every time I eat it. I am now allergic to peanut butter/peanuts which really sucks because they are my favorite foods!

Has Oz been tested for skin mites? Itchy rashes and hair loss are one of the beginning stages of mites. And as much as we like to think that our dogs will never get mites (since mites are usually aquired in filthy living conditions), many dogs will get them some time or another. Mites can be found anywhere. A dead tree, in the grass, from another dog, or even from different people. If you suspect mites, it would be wise to get a skin scrape done by your vet. Mites are one of the few "illnesses" we can "catch" from dogs.

I assume that he is also on a flea/tick preventative. If not, I'd start him on one.

Well since I've already wrote a novel I'll stop before a sequel is written. I hope this helps you out! Hopefully Oz will be feeling back to normal soon!

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Barked: Sun Jan 6, '08 9:30pm PST 
Hiya Oz, hope you are soon feeling better. Itchies and scratchies are so nasty and sore. Allergies popped into my head right away too. I would have it looked at by vet as the scratching etc can cause secondary infection. We have had this issue too many times to count and need Antibiotic spray as well as had shampoo or other meds when needed. Well said Joey. Good luck and feel better sweetie.hughughug

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Barked: Mon Jan 7, '08 11:03am PST 
I wouldn't rule out food allergies. Angel ate the same food for a while before she started showing symptoms. Is he itchy anywhere else? His paws and face? That is usually where they itch if it is food.

Otherwise it could be any chemical in the house: the detergent you use for his blankets and bed, or anything you may use on your floors. Try changing all of that to something more gentle. There are a lot of detergents that are free of dyes (I use Purex Free & Clear). If you are using fabric softener, stop doing so. Don't use any chemicals on your carpet, and use vinegar and water on other floors to clean with, at least until you figure out what it is.
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Barked: Mon Jan 7, '08 1:49pm PST 
Well, I know that sarcoptic mange affects the underarms. I wanted to throw scabies out there as a consideration because it does cause intense itching and will make all affected areas look red/brown when on a white dog. Scabies can, I believe, go away on it's own if the dog's immune system can handle it. If not, it will persist and require a rather lengthy treatment.

Good luck!