Sudden Drooling?

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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '08 9:43am PST 
Here's a question I never thought I'd have to ask thinking Last night I pull back my blankets to go to sleep and there is a big wet spot near my pillow. At first my thought was 'oh no, Jasper [my cat] peed on the bed!' But...it didn't smell like pee...actually it just seemed like a big water spot. I later found my tv clicker in the water dish I leave on the floor. Jasper must have knocked it in and gotten the bed wet somehow. Still blame the cat laugh out loud

Then! I walk into my room a few minutes ago, Kodi jumps off my bed, where he usually likes to catch a nap without my knowing...shhh... Well, when he jumped off there was a huge water spot again! Right where his head was! It still smells like water...also he was lying on his leg and there is a water mark there too...I checked his leg and its a little damp and I checked his muzzle but I can't tell if it's that wet or not.

SO! Kodi was the collberate and not the cat! But...my question....what would cause the sudden drooling??? Kodi has never drooled before. He has always been a nondrooly type dog. Is there a health concern I should be aware of to cause sudden excessive drooling especially while sleeping? Thanks in advance!
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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '08 10:21am PST 
Sometimes when I'm sleeping, I get a wet spot on the bed near my nose. I don't think it's drool. Just some moisture from my cold, wet *poker*. Mom saw that and thought I'd wet the bed too.

You lose a lot of moisture at night through your breathing. Even hoomans do. Might bee making a wet spot bee-cause you don't move around?

If it's puddles of water/drool, not just a wet/damp spot, then I'd bee heading to the vet to make sure you aren't sick.

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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '08 10:41am PST 
I guess sudden drooling could be caused by a tooth problem?

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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '08 11:14am PST 
thinking Georgie might be correct..just do a check of Kodi's mouth.

and then, Umm... make sure it was drool..cause it might be just a runny nose spot. laugh out loud

umm yeah mom is kinda on her pain meds so she can't think straight right now.

KODI!hug I hope you aren't sick hug