Knee Wrap

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Barked: Mon Dec 31, '07 1:22pm PST 
Years ago Gio injured his right hind knee. I don't know how he did it, but he does have a habit of running around like a mad man and then cornering quickly. Occasionally when he does that, his back end will slip out from underneath him. I'm thinking that in one of these bouts he injured his knee.

He has had x-rays that showed no issues. The x-rays were taken a significant time after the initial insult, about a year after he started showing signs of discomfort. It showed now abnormal angles or gaps that would indicate arthritis. The best the vet could guess was that it was a partially torn cruciate, but even then, she said she wasn't convinced that that is what it is. It doesn't always seem to bother him often, but if he is out running around a lot then he will sometimes favor it afterwards. Very rarely he will slip out again and it seems to really hurt ... he will hold it up for a while, then gradually start walking on it again. Kind of a "walk it off" situation.

He's been on glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM since he began showing signs. I recently put him on a product called Dog Gone Pain and he has shown fantastic improvement! Better results from just a month of Dog Gone Pain than years of glucosamine et al.

Anyways, we were out at the dog park today and he was running with some doggy pals and having a great time. Right as we were about to leave, he slipped out again and of course, up the leg went. He walked it off as per usual and is only limping slightly now (this happened about a half hour ago).

Finally to my question ... Would wrapping his knee prior to play time when he has a tendency of reinjury help? Maybe some vet wrap or a tensor bandage around his knee would provide some stability, or at least act as a reminder not to be a maniac and push himself too far? What do you guys think?
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Gio, I would ask my human to keep me on a leash for at least 6 weeks. That way, any torn or injured muscles or tendons can rest.

We dogs forget we are injured sometimes.

I wouldn't bother with a wrap, as it would slip down and cause you to trip. Unless it is a specially made brace, like Rio has.

I'm not saying you need one, but that kind won't slip off.

Feel better soon, buddy!

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There are several stifle splints for dogs available. Check out this link to see what is available:
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We had seasons- in the sun......

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Rio got his from Orthopets.com.

Martin Kauffman, the president of Orthopets, made my wrist brace, that I never got to use.

It didn't sound like you needed that, yet, though.