Post-op constipation?

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Barked: Wed Aug 3, '05 7:18am PST 
It seems like ever since I got back from being spayed my poo has been less frequent and in smaller harder amounts...

Is this something that can happen from the anesthetic or the surgery in general? Mom's trying to make sure I keep drinking lots of water.

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Barked: Wed Aug 3, '05 12:14pm PST 
Water's a good idea and plenty of exercise (I know, it hurts, but you gotta keep movin'). If they gave you pain med, that's probably the culprit. My people mom had the same surgery less than a year ago, I'm sure you are dealing with similar issues. You know, they kinda' rearrange your intestines when they're in there, and of course, you couldn't eat before surgery, so getting all that back in working order takes a few days. It'll be OK. Your vet may suggest a stool softener if that's a problem. Once you are eating normally and getting 'regular', it'll be a distant memory. You have a good mom & dad who love you bunches if you were spayed. That's the responsible thing to do. Puppy hugs from me & Gizmo.

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Barked: Mon Aug 8, '05 9:32pm PST 
When I had surgery to fix the ACL in my leg, I didn't poop for a whole week! Dogs (and people) "slow down" their systems after surgery, but it should all bounce right back up soon enough. Plus the antibiotics or pain meds could be the culprit. I had both antibiotics and pain meds and mommy suspects one or both could have been the problem, along with my system simply slowing down.


Barked: Tue Aug 9, '05 8:12am PST 
Try to encourage drinking water by either putting a little chiken broth in her water, or if it's real hot where you are you can make chicken broth ice-cubes as a treat alone or put in her water.