Vet visit - what does it cost in your area?

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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 10:51am PST 
Hi, I just watched a show on the cost of vet visits and animal prescription costs.

Very interesting. Viewable online here: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/

At vet visit in my area (Fredericton,NB) is $50.00 plus meds if required. Considering the vets education (time/dollars) and support staff costs plus overhead. $50.00 seems reasonable to me for the visit.

I have never had to pay for any prescriptions - yet! (Except an antibiotic for an anal gland abscess on my chihuhua). If I ever have to I will call around to see if there is a difference.

What are costs like in your area?

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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 10:57am PST 
In Stony Plain Alberta, where my Vet is, a check up costs $46.00 plus any meds or extras. I find this reasonable, and since I LOVE my vets would even pay more if I had too.

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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 10:59am PST 
I live in upstate New York and it costs $45 for an office visit. Meds are pretty cheap for us- Pablo has been sick three times and needed medications and each time was between $5 and $12. At least, I think it's cheap!

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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 11:08am PST 
depends on the office visit.
A new patient holistic consult is $150. Subsequent visits are $45 plus the cost of tests, herbs, treatments, etc. But they do a nail clip and stuff as part of that $45 fee, so it's reasonable to me.

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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 11:24am PST 
I had diarhea a few weeks back.

Mommy took me to a new vet. A holistic vet cause she was wanting to go that route.

Office visit for new patient = $50
Fecal Test = $17
Herbal remedy and antibiotic = $20ish
Hugs and Kisses = Priceless way to go

Could have been worse.

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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 11:25am PST 
Our local vet visit is 50 bucks just for them to see you. That doesn't include any shots or antibiotics. My Mom's Iggy had a UTI and it was $160.00 just for him to give us some amoxicilin.... silenced

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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 11:25am PST 
Yikes! I go to a vet in a rural area. I actually live in the city, but my family has been going to this vet for years, he has very reasonable prices, and I just like them (they are a couple).

The cost varies. In my experience, if I go in and there isn't anything wrong with Brody (yes, that's happened a few times!) or if they don't need to prescribe anything, they charged $8. I think for a normal vet visit, they charge $16. shock So yeah, very reasonable, especially now that I see what other vets cost!

My mom recently took her yorkie in to them when she was throwing up, diarrhea, etc- we think she swallowed something poisonous. For a vet visit, and afternoon, overnight, and next day stay - they charged $54! But when I went in to get Brody's blood panels done, they charged $100, which is more than what I paid at a higher cost clinic in Memphis. So they are low cost except with specialized things, I guess. I know in the area that they are in, and judging from conversations I've overheard in the lobby, they have a very hard time getting people to bring their pets in because people don't want to pay. So they keep the costs as low as possible. One of the techs told me that the vet has tens of thousands of dollars of unpaid vet bills confused

They have never pushed me to something I didn't want to get like annual vaccinations, flea meds, dog food, etc. The only time they recommended I pay more is when Brody had to get more antibiotics and I still had some left from a recent visit. The tech said, "They might be old, but you can try them if you want. Or you can buy new antibiotics for $4 when you come in." I bought the new ones big grin

They are good people. cloud 9 And they are inexpensive!

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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 11:30am PST 
Yep, I go to a vet in a small town... the visits are either $10 or $20. I feel pretty lucky, especially since Raven was shy and I was able to take her in just to meet the vet and get a once-over and it didn't really cost me much to do it!
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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 11:38am PST 
I lived in surburban St. Louis and we paid $35 for just the visit, plus the cost of medicine and tests and whatnot. I sure hated that guy!

Poodle Girl
Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 11:39am PST 
It is usually 45 dollars for a visit plus the price of medicines or tests.
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