Can Humans Get Kennel Cough?

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Where's Maggie?
Barked: Wed Nov 14, '07 11:00am PST 
I've read about this & all the experts say "no"; people can't get kennel cough. BUT, we just got a new puppy (YAY!) from the pound. Even though she'd had her KC vaccine--she does lay around a little, not much of an appetite & coughs a little from time to time (not a bad cough & I hope it stays that way or gets better quickly). We've had her for 11 days. I think she had/has a mild case of kennel cough.
God bless our skinny little clingy princess. Her tongue is in your mouth any chance she gets & she sleeps on my pillow most of the time.
Now I'm fighting a bug. I feel like crap! My chest is heavy & my throat is SO VERY sore.
Has anyone else gotten sick at the same time as their dog? Even though most the experts say that humans can't get kennel cough--I've heard others say that yes you can.
Angus & Maggie's Mom
P.S. In the meantime, what can you do to ease their symptoms like lack of energy & appetite. My girl has not had much of a cough. I've had her to my vet 3 days after bringing her home & her physical examination came out fine, other than being very, very thin. She had already had all of her vaccinations. Angus seems fine.
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

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Barked: Wed Nov 14, '07 11:38am PST 
No people can't get kennel cough. Sorry to hear about your little girl. Now Angus could get it - I presume he is OK?

I have no idea how you can help her but I am sure there are others here that have had that and can give good advice.

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I might be a common cold that both dogs and humans can get. If it progresses in your girl I'd take both of you dogs in to the vet.

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Barked: Wed Nov 14, '07 12:02pm PST 
Being in the daycare industry, this is something I have always questioned. Can we get them sick, and can they get us sick. From the various vets I have spoken with, this is what I have learned....
While we can not get each other sick, the same environmental conditions that contribute to our immune system breaking down, can also contribute to their immune systems breaking down. Change of weather, seasonal allergies, what not an cause us to get sick, as well as them. But we are suseptable to different agents. The Bordetella virus does not get us sick, but if a pup has a comprimised imune system, they are more likely to get it than not. In the mean time, another bug may be active in the area, and we can pick that up.

There are some things that are zoonotic, ghiardia, worms even MRSA that can go from species to species. Also, keep in mind that KC is not itself a disease. It's a generic term for a canine upper respirtory infection and can be anything from a phlemgy throat to snotty nose to bronchitis or pnumonia.

Hope this helps!