fact or myth: yeast infection cure

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some one told me that i can cure my dogs yeast infection by using monistate. does it really work or are they just insane?
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Although there are some hooman medicines you can use on a dog, I don't think that Monistat is one of them. You should check with your vet bee-cause he probably has an easier way of treating something like that in pups. It can bee dangerous using hooman medicines on pups also, due to the size difference between dogs and hoomans.

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Has your dog been diagnosed with a yeast infection, on the skin,in the ears??? Monistat does contain the same ingredient that we use for yeast infections. But diet can make a huge difference in the control of yeast infections. Whole Dog Journal just did a nice article on controlling yeast infections. Giving your dog digestive enzymes can certainly help with the problems but putting "good" bacteria into the gut and out into the system. Works wonders also if you are feeding a diet that does not contain any grains.
If your dog has yeast on his skin, malasept shampoo and rinse works extremely well and is used by a lot of vets to combat yeast. There again the ingredient is Miconazole which is what is in Monistat. You can get the shampoo from your vet.
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