Demodex mites not contagious?

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I have two dogs; one had demodex mites over the summer that he was treated for, his treatment ended about a month ago. Now my other dog has been diagnoised with demodex. The vet tells me it is not contagious, so is it just two cases of bad luck?

Or could there be an enviromental reason for the mites?

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Demodex is not transmitted from one to the other, most all dogs carry the mites. When they or their immune system is they are no longer suppressed and become active for lack of a better term.. In my work it is common to see a dog get mange after surgery, mainly younger dogs that get spayed or neutered, and also in rescue dogs,allergy dogs etc.. The Sarcoptic mange is contagious.
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Margie answered you perfectly. applause No, they're not contagious, and yes they live on most dogs, but generally affect those that are immuno-compromised in some way.

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Demodex IS contagious, but only to dogs who are in VERY close contact. It is transmitted from the mother to puppies due to the almost constant contact. IF your 2 dogs are ALWAYS touching, then yes it is possible.

Puppies are NOT born with Demodex mites. We just went through the demodex with Caspie, a rescue who had been abused and neglected. We did extensive reading on the subject.
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the mange itself is not contagious
yes dogs can and do pass demodex mites to each other but only dogs who are immunosupressed develop the mange
puppies may also develop mange but it goes away on its own and is known as 'puppy demodex mange'
at least that's what my research revealed

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So just a unlucky coincidence. Thank you for all the information.

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My buddy stopped drinking milk very early. I suspect at 5 weeks coz we got him at 6 weeks old. Is this a reason why he has a weak immune system which caused the demodex?

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It's possible. Many rescue/shelter dogs have demodex, but many puppies do too.

Olive had localized demodectic mange - patches around her eyes and forehead - from something like 6 mos to 8 mos old. We thought she'd never get better, so we went to see the vet in frustration -- the vet recommended raw honey and yogurt and we fed her that and I swear it made a huge difference and started to heal her. I also fed her fish oil.

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You have been given all the information by the other posters. Just wanted to send you and both pups hughughugwisheswisheswishes in winning the battle. You are wonderful for having adopted them.
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This thread is from 2007... don't think the op is still around anymore.