Adequan shots????

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Barked: Sun Sep 16, '07 5:07pm PST 
Has any doggie had the adequan shots? From my understanding it is a series of 8 shots (giving a shot every 3rd and 4th day intramuscularly).
Llibby has a reoccuring limp every now and again when she plays to hard or does something crazy. She has had this problem now for about a year and a half-when we first noticed the problem we immediately took her for x-rays and they all came back clean-at the time she was prescribed Metacam and that did work but it took some time to work through the system.
We have just kind of limited her activity due to this problem-when standing you can see that her right foot rolls outward.
We have had two other sets of x-rays completed since then and every single set show clean---we have x-rayed her shoulder, elbow, wrist and foot including toes but they all show to be clean-the two sets of x-rays were completed by another vet which of whom works with Great Danes all of the time...
The next suggestion a current treatment plan is to give the Adequan canine shots-has anyone had these and if so how did they work for you????
I am keeping my toes crossed------snoopy

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I've used them in my horses for years with fantastic results. I have no personal experience with them in dogs, but everyone I know whose dogs have had the shots had great results, too!
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My dearly departed sisters, Cookie and Gretel, both got Adequan shots with great success. Before Gretel started hers, she couldn't move faster than a slow walk. After 3 weeks on the shots, she started RUNNING!!! She was on Adequan for the last three years of her life. Cookie was on Adequan for the last five years of her life. Occasionally the maintenance schedule (every 5-8 weeks) wasn't enough, and she would get the 2x a week induction dose for two or three weeks and it would fix her right up. Mom says Cookie would not have lived as long as she did without Adequan.


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Maybe this will help you...


Where's the- kitty?????
Barked: Tue Sep 18, '07 5:18pm PST 
Thank you everyone for sharing your positive results. Libby has had about 3 shots so far and I will give her another tomorrow. I have already started to see an improvement but really did not know if it was the adequan or if she was just getting better over time.
Thank you all once again and Zeus thank you I will check out the forum, guess I did not look hard enough when I was searching.