Why does my pup rub her butt on the carpet?

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Barked: Thu Aug 30, '07 9:52am PST 
I just had her anal glands cleaned and she doesn't have any sort of allergies. I don't know if it has anything to do with it but I have her eating California Natural and always check her poo and it looks very normal and healthy.
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Barked: Thu Aug 30, '07 9:54am PST 
Could she have internal parasites?

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I was wondering about worms. Or is it possible that she has some poop stuck to her fur? High drama here when that happens, you'd swear Vincent ws being tortured until I clean him up!

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I drag my butt on the carpet once in awhile. The vet has thoroughly checked me and we have decided that ............ I just have an ocassional itch on my butt!wavewavesnoopysnoopy
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Barked: Thu Aug 30, '07 10:15am PST 
butt itch here too........I got my glands squeezed(a dot came out) and the next day I was rubbing butt on the carpet..........butt itch!

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She rubs her butt because it itches... BOL

From what it sounds like, she probably has irritated anal glands from being expressed. This happened to Chanel after a trip to the groomer. She also had a hard time going to the bathroom. I called the vet and they suggested icing her bum (wet a towel, put it in the freezer for about 20 min, and then on her bum) If you think it is severe, I suggest going to the vet.
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Barked: Thu Aug 30, '07 10:19am PST 
WE all boot scoot, because weeee can, can, can!!!

Mommy wipes our po-po's with a Huggies diaper wipe when we poo. That way we don't leave skid marks on the rugs!

We were checked for parasites and our anal glads are PERFECT... just like to boot scoot!

We only do it maybe at most once every 2 or 3 months, though!way to go

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We call this the hemoroid shuffle...hahahahlaugh out loud
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Barked: Thu Aug 30, '07 11:18am PST 
big laughbig laugh Tigger! Me too! I drag my butt once every couple of months... nothing more than an itch!
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Barked: Thu Aug 30, '07 11:25am PST 
laugh out loudbig laugh Yes, it's cos we can. What's a dog supposed to do when his butt itchesshruglaugh out loud