We ate a WHOLE CAKE.... uh-oh!

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50% dane, 50%- lab, 100%- trouble!
Barked: Wed Aug 22, '07 8:12pm PST 
Thanks guys big grin It's been a few hours and they are fine, acting just like their usual selves... But I'm still upset! It was such a nice cake, and my man didn't even get to see it...

As punishment, I am having Harley bake another cake and having Athena decorate it!!!

Oh and Thor - Sorry buddy but it's all gone, crumbs and all... but we still have the candles that were on it if you're interested!!!
Stella- "Blue"

Puttin' my freak- on!
Barked: Wed Aug 22, '07 10:31pm PST 
have a tummy of steal and you'll be fine BOL.. I ate an entire carrot cake once... have also eaten a cupcake with foil wrapper, poptart and wrapper...

the wrappers fortunately have come back up... otherwise I was fine...

Might expect a nice runny poo the next day though...

Loveable Glutton
Barked: Wed Aug 22, '07 11:29pm PST 
Oh man, you guys haven't lived until you've eaten an entire tub of butter AND a bag of mini Snickers, wrapper and all.

Too bad my mom won't let me have anymore Snickers or leave me home alone.



Barked: Tue Nov 20, '12 1:26pm PST 
Me and my buddy (a 50 lb elderly pit mix) just ate 4 large chocolate muffins (Costco) while my owner was in the bathroom. Counter surfing and knocked the box onto the floor. My owner is not sure what to do for me. Make me vomit, call the vet or ??

I'm triple- superior MAD- now!
Barked: Tue Nov 20, '12 5:39pm PST 
The amount of chocolate in those is a concern as is as the sheer volume of food. Those things are about 700 calories each with about 60% of the calories from fat. I would be concerned about pancreatitis more than anything else. I don't know if vomiting it up would help or hinder any consequences. I would definitely call the vet, ~3000 extra calories with 150 grams of fat for an elderly dog could be big trouble. Sassy did very poorly with any chocolate, the amount of chips in one would hype her up quite a bit, 4 would result in a tummy ache for sure.

Max decided to eat the same thing last week! 6 in the package we get here, 2 had been removed already and he ate 2. No issues except for an extra large poop or two. He left 2 muffins untouched. Not sure he is actually a dog. Sassy would have never so much as left the wrappings. Oh, he is also getting up there, 12.5 years old. He is raw fed so carbohydrate deprived, fat isn't an issue for him right now.

too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Tue Nov 20, '12 5:47pm PST 
People..STOP resurrecting these zombie threads. This one is over 5 years old. laugh out loud

I'm triple- superior MAD- now!
Barked: Wed Nov 21, '12 8:22am PST 
I hope Lola is okay now, please update.

It is okay to start your own thread, you weren't responding to the original issue.

Tuff Enuff!
Barked: Wed Nov 21, '12 2:29pm PST 
Agreed with Maxwell...hope Lola is okay!

Barked: Fri Nov 23, '12 4:26pm PST 
This happened with us years ago. My mother was gone and returned on her birthday. We had a cake for her return and left it on the table to go to the airport. When we came home. The cake had been eaten by the three dogs. Like yours, they did not get sick, but we then learned never to leave anything on the counter again.

It ain't over- till the fat- kitty sings
Barked: Fri Nov 23, '12 7:36pm PST 
First week we had Callie he broke into a box of chocolate flavored bon bons, candy paper foil fortunately he puked it all up and was back to normal NOMNOMNOM the next morning. ANYTHING edible for holidays will be secured...I'm sure with a marble cake the chocolate won't be a problem really.
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