Ear Issues (I think)

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Barked: Thu Jul 12, '07 8:18pm PST 
Lola has been having a little ear issue lately. She seems to tilt her head to the right a bit, shake her head more often, and scratch at that right ear more frequently. I've noticed this behavior with her before several months ago, but it went away within a couple of days all on its own. But it happened again a couple of weeks ago, this time lasting for about three days. I had a vet appointment later that week for vaccinations so I waited, since it didn't really seem to be bothering her. By the time of the appointment she was no longer showing symptoms of any ear problems. The vet checked her ears out and said there was nothing visibly wrong, that she may have just gotten a mosquito bite, but since she was no longer showing symptoms it was hard to be sure.

And now it's happening again. Off and on throughout the day today she has walked with her head tilted slightly to the right, and her right ear cocked slightly to the side. Upon close visual inspection there is no redness, no waxy build up, no dirt or other foreign objects, and no smell strange smell. Nothing that seems to indicate infection or mites. And the symptoms are so random and infrequent. She'll seem to favor the ear for 5 minutes and then be perfectly normal for hours after, then start the tilt again.

She is not in any pain and is not showing any other changes in behavior. Eating and drinking fine, good energy level, playful, and normal as ever. I'm not too worried since she doesn't seem to be affected, except the occasional head shake and ear scratch. I was just hoping someone might have a clue as to what this might be. It seems unlikely to me that it's just bug bites, since it's always the right ear. I'm slightly concerned about neurological problems, but if that were the case, I have no idea what could be done about it or if it's even actually a problem.

If it persists through the weekend I will take her to the vet again, but since the symptoms come and go so quickly and just a week ago her vet found nothing wrong, I'd rather not waste the time and money. Just hoping for a little dogster insight and experience. smile Thanks for reading!

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Barked: Thu Jul 12, '07 8:21pm PST 
One of my dogs had the same thing happen to him years ago. I took him to the vet and the vet's comment was, "your dog's ears are the cleanest ears I've ever seen."

We never found out what caused this. It lasted a few days and then went away. I did wash his ears out every day just in case.

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Barked: Fri Jul 13, '07 8:00am PST 
Cara has this sometimes too!! One of the vets i work with noticed she has small hairs inside her ear that actually bend over and touch her ear drum. He suspected that is what itched her and made her tilt her ear because her ears have never even had a speck of wax in them (thank god for ears that stand up - ear infections are never fun).

-- Hope its nothing bad


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Barked: Fri Jul 13, '07 8:52am PST 
As expected she's showed no issues today. It comes and goes so randomly! But it makes me feel better to know that others have had the same issue with no ill consequences. I'll certainly still keep an eye on her, but you've calmed my nerves. Thanks!