South Carolina Rabies Tag SCAM

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Yesterday I went to court. In South Carolina dogs and cats have to be Rabies Vaccinated every year. The dog or cat has to have their Rabies tag on at all times. My two dogs were vaccinated in Florida 7/06.The animal control lady came to my door, (June 21)unprovoked. At times they go door to door. I had my Fla. certificates, but no tags on dogs.My dogs were in my 1 acre chain link fenced yard. I was given two $155.00 tickets.I had the dogs re-vaccinated and installed their tags on collars.I had been told the fine would be greatly reduced if I went to court.
They saw maybe ten people before me (there were maybe 100 in the room).Some people's dogs were indeed loose when ticketed.Mine were in my yard.One lady had a dog in her yard untagged, she had received two tickets, the other for the Chihuahua in her living room,untagged.She said to the judge "how can you ticket the Chihuahua that was in my house?" The judge turned to the officer, she immediately raised her right hand in the air,as if swearing in oath, and said "I observed the Chihuahua looking out of the living room window,and it did not have on a tag." The woman paid $75.00 for each dog in the way of a fine, reduced from $155.00 because she stated each dog to now be wearing a tag. I paid $75.00 each ticket because I showed S.C. rabies certificates and swore my dogs now wore tags. I was so irrate I dared not make eye contact. The judge sat there and rolled in $75.00 for each dog ticketed for not wearing a tag----NOT for not being vaccinated, but for not wearing a TAG in their own house! First of all, is it 34 states that have acknowledged three year vaccinations? Every year is unnecessary and harmful to the dog, and secondly they can "LOOK IN YOUR WINDOW"!!!
This morning I glazed my living room window. My Jack Russell is rarely outside, has always been up to date on Vaccines, and does not wear a collar in the house. She wears a halter outside(now with her rabies tag in addition to her ID tag.) She always goes to the living room window to see who is at the door, and now I can't let her be seen without her tag!
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I live in Florida. We have to register our dogs with the county & get a tag annually or pay for a 3 year tag. Its actually a tax to own a pet to help fund animal control services in every Florida county. Just this year, Florida started offering the 1 or 3 year tag which is a License & Rabies tag combined. It used to be 2 separate tags.

That might explain part of the confusion - similar regulations there, not just rabies, but license taxes.

My mother-in-law was irate because she got ticketed in Tampa for not having their collars & tags on when outside for a potty break. She reached inside the backdoor & produced the collars with current tags for the officer. Too bad, the dogs weren't wearing them, therefore she got ticketed.

As far as the window goes... IF said dog was in plain sight in the window from where the officer was doing business outside, then he/she was legal in citing for that dog, too. IF the officer was going around the neighborhood literally looking in people's windows like a pervert, no - illegal.

Keep your tags on your dogs & not just to avoid fines. Per our county, 99.8% of stray dogs found with tags on get returned to their owners even without microchips or ID tags!!! That's pretty good statistics!!!

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Yes she might have just happened to see the dog through the window without intentionally peeking in, but if the dog is IN the house, I don't think a citation should have been given. I crate Xena while I'm at work, and she doesn't wear a collar while she's in the crate for safety reasons. I would be SO angry if I got a ticket for her not having a tag on INSIDE my own house, even if she was visible through the window!

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My dog rarely even wear collars while at home at all!

I have no need for them to be on, I have a fenced in yard and crates for when I am not home. The only time I put them on is if I am going out of the house with any of the dogs. Even then, they only have ID tags on. All my other tags are in the house on my buffet by the front door.

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Where at in Florida is this?? I live in Daytona Bch and haven't heard anything like that. Kiwi only wears a harness while walking otherwise she has no collar on. I refuse to leave a collar on in the house for safety reasons.

Why can't they go around and ticket the people who chain their dogs in the hot sun without water instead of picking on people for not having their dog wear a tag. I've called animal control numerous times on people they treat animals badly and all they get is a stupid warning. shrug
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We live in Lee County. My mother-in-law is in Hillsborough county. It is law that tags be worn at all times while OUTSIDE the home. You may want to check your county's animal control web site about statutes there. Most are based upon FL state law, but some counties add extras to the state mandates. Not sure about the tag regs, but they are for real here & in Tampa area.

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Thats weird, I was just wondering about this. I also live in Florida, Tampa area, and I have brought my dog to the dog park many times without his rabies tag because he lost it! It was there one day and the next I couldn't find it anywhere, he had somehow gotten it off of his collar. I thought I had heard something on the news but I didn't think it was that serious. Can you get a replacement? I know plenty of dogs that don't wear their rabies tags but i guess that will be changing here soon. Anyone who lives in Florida... Do you know of a website that states these laws and what can happen if you do not abide by them? Also is the 3 year better than the annual?

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This is Truely the wost case of Abuse by our legal system..
If an animal is less then one year old they are required to get a one year Vaccine. after the first vaccine & there after they will be allowed to get a Three year Vaccine. The Tag for the Three year Vaccine looks just like the One year Vaccine Tag. it's the reciept from the vets office you'll need to pay attention to . The Reciept should state

If i were the Original OP i would Talk to Legal Council about the Fines you were forced to pay and also about the AC officer who charged you and your indoor Dog for not wearing Tags... It should not matter if the Dog was in the window without a collar.

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